Eye of an Atheist Strom


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I’ll never make it
I wont see you
face in water, reflections still
I drink water wish…… it was wine
drown my sorrows glass half empty
with you so full, of life
I fall to you, on the precipus
tipping point, where can i find my light
candles are to dim
I’ll never make it
thought I try
glass beneath my feet I tread on pain
fall on bended knee as though to propose
I beg for mercy, reminded of Job
trail by fire, i walk on hot coals
shall i be Daniel in lion’s den
I can’t roar anymore
my voice is gone, vocal cords constricted
burning bush in my heart
Fire in eyes
still I want more
I’ll never make it
too many transgression
not enough forgiveness
saint sinner so i shall be
soul earned through suffering
shall it be laughter to make it speak
I call on an absent god
but shall he listen
I fall asleep in his hands
guided by grace
still i press my palms
regret is obsolete as an abacus
I count my blessings, tally the results


You left your mark


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I fall down upon empty streets
whiskey on breath, hole in my heart
stain of love on my chest
crimson words left, scars
still try to fill them in

you left your mark,  carry you
and it’s a shame, I am not over
left my heart it belongs to who
  I am not over you
i kiss others and see your face
change time to place
I am through

my heart is your stop watch
paused with regret
wind me up
you wont my, Effect

you left your mark,  carry you
and it’s a shame i am not over
left my heart it belongs to who
I am not over you
  kiss others and see your face

I’ll take my time
hope it does  lead to new
I’ll get you off my mind
get you out of my heart
Make my start
I’ll take my time……………..

Black Book



I want to dig into you

sometimes you are ruled with your college lines

I adore that you are highly educated but blank

how I like to fill you in with promise

you don’t speak just the way

I prefer this

just let me do all the work  you lay back relax

it’s only my breath present

my hand braces you a times

then, I ramble on with you in my palm

at times I am a bit rough

your edges are torn, by my careless ways

I tend to regret this

at time i make mistakes and have no eraser

I cross them out over you

we start over and its all fresh from here

you forgive my tough tone at times

I remember when you were knew

your smell i was your first

i am your one and only

at times i shout at you

but you hold my secrets

there are numbers that swirl in you

sometimes its with regret

others with pleasure

sometimes you think i like the number 2

but you have always been one

you are me comfort from long days

sleepless nights

daydreams my escape in to infatuation

my great expectation

you are unrequited love not for filled

so your not blank anymore

and your seem to be running out of space

I wont forget you

i know i left my imprint on you


You lay me


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you lay me down, I find my way
you hold me down and I slip away
take me now give me peace
love me full, I take pleasure no release
call my name whisper my words
I take steps in silence no one heard
be my savior let me pray
let me be

I fall on you, let me see
caught in rapture rebel in reason
the season change
so do I
then try to find solace
peaceful place to ponder soul
seek redemption
and I mention

you lay me down, I find my way
lose my breath, what do I say?
take my sight lose my mind
denial all the while waiting willing
able and Cain you slay me

I Melt with You


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Captive in arms you invite in and i ask

Y and R U ready to find out me waiting to be bent into I

Rather if I was, could there be as US

Deception your dirty games

You hit below the belt, I call foul

You, are truly out of bounds

We are tit for tat school kids with words

Verbal Assaults on hearts

Wounds open, I pick at sores

No you wont surrender

I don’t   see that white flag

I won’t retreat I stand firm in resolve

Still you persist and play the field

You wash my face with her

I cant compare

I move you, stagnate me

Vicious…… How Sid of you

I fee like Joan and  Jet

with my Blondie, heart of glass

I am breakable

Though, I stand like Steel

I melt with you


Sleep’s Cousin


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Dream to sleep my little one
you wont wake for sleep’s cousin has you
her grasp you, wont let you go
though you can lament
press palms in prayer
sleep slumber as snow white was
if it where only poison apples
no prince, will charm lips to life
for sleep is infinite and embrace final
dream little one time shall move space
heavens will change
you sleep and dream, among others that follow
I will wish for it’s solitude at times
shall I be there beside you
Oh, to hold you hand
how I have wished to walked that path
your fork in the road
your departure from my reality
sleep well little one, upon Abraham’s bosom
how he welcomes his children
long was your suffering
sleep and dream, rest, reflect
for I shall, with moments of doubt
my faith trickles in fluctuations 
I lean towards no understanding
purpose to plan
give me strength
trading time i would have
given life for yours how i sacrifice
you my little lamb
they blame for your slaughter
for the sins of a mother
fall upon innocent skin
you are plucked before prime
My rose

Human Fuel My Fire


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In arms not his ,but only human
for moments I stole to be, or never was
sleep, dream, in others beds,
long to be with my love
such moral turpitude
crimes of infatuation

Fall from grace with peace I find that never is forever
and all others are shadows
kiss lips and envision hints of you
others eyes…. I ask why? I cant erase
souls set adrift i find my self wrapped
in such solitude, question and you my answer

The equation of us is muddled
I am in his grasp still you embrace me
thought we never see eye to eye
souls mingle fates intertwined so we
touch and fade I drift into insanity

Many men enter in all
you placed on mantle, trophy of my heart
stay on shelf, as I reminisce of you
Kept content by what ifs or what is never
reality is never as regal as memories
I still carry flame, though not as blue as before
rather red add fuel so fire can consume me
I gladly surrender

A Lover’s Consolation


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I’ll be your consolation prize
your runner up for love
stand here waiting, in shadows
when you find solitude with mind or body
my soul shall reside among the lost and found

Ready to be claimed
I’ll wait, though be foolish,futile
with my desires that do test my resolve
I have no reservations that all roads lead to you
rather stop at my end

Love,  I shall be as stone
time shall never erode my perseverance
though other come see my patience as virtue
I give grace, for this saint to bless me with love

Tis you I wait, upon valley low no mountain high
rather rifts of time you will find me
secure in faith trust, I shall
in all remain here poised and pious
no redemption from your scarlet stain on my heart
crimson tears on pillow
for my unrequited love…………

Burning Bridges


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Burning my bridges don’t come to my shore
burning bridges, no  way to get to me anymore
burning bridges as far as the I can see
let them burn and don’t return to me

That bridge was there built with lies
composed of hollow parts
bond by lust and an unfaithful heart
it was over a vast space that you could cross
but the bridge is burnt you cant cross 

No, you wont cross
i don’t want your olive branch 
for it will burn too 
best back away, before it consumes you
burning Bridges as the tides comes in 
burning bridges, some say its a sin

  Others say don’t burn but let them stay 
for you may want to travel back  one day
   I cant see why I shouldn’t ignite the fuse
to burn this bridge and what do i lose

The kind words that were deceit
the smile that has me meek
no, I’ll burn this bridge 
set it a blaze and watch as it comes down
and look at the ashes as they fall to ground
and see the victory when in that crimson glow
how a phoenix feels when it ashes ignite in snow