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 Nothing, numb, and finding no release

no peace of mind nothing but emptiness

the shallow confines of my soul that have nothing inside out

fickle fate and destiny are nothing to hands that hold a future

that is so uncertain and yet so set in stone

I find nothing left in solace of thoughts, that collide and crash upon wave of images

bring me no comfort for my eyes yield no sympathetic tears upon…… the wave of bitter words that crash against my shore

regret fill me with warmth or sun

let me not burn under your gaze for I would love to feel your heat crease my body with forgiveness and forgetfulness

set behind me and I find my self alone and wanting no mortals to share in the exquisite pain of loneliness

this I ask for with no release forever I fall upon you

as that no word that I speak ,be so loud as actions that everything, nothing,

to you I yield my armor to you I give my sword and to you I lay down a give peace to you in trouble times

no, regret shall cross my lips as I have been sworn to a secret that I keep with in me

that none can see yet you will know, as my eyes meet your across a crowded room

I remove myself for your gaze and give way to others for this

I can never say words that never part form my lips that utter laughter with painful regrets

what has transpired in moments where regret and reason leave us and let in doubt

that vanishes with daylight presences and we take our place as stand ins as our live mimics

that of who we are and what we are perceived to be never crossing paths that lead to similar destinations