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You pull at my soul
tug at this heart
it never beats fierce
your are free to leave
walk away with regret
recessive genes of denial

I play it cool as my double helix intertwines us
combine we form such beauty
our combination are quite combustible
we explode at times and its such grandeur
powered kegs of lust and lavished dreams
such are deferred by reality
ready, willing, able, thought i cant move
quicksand I sink in your eyes

I was once invited and now banished
exile to a portion of place where, no one resides
wise I walk cautions and I cant exit this road
though taken many detours, such seduction
such a saint sin with me

Oh, love mingle make me yours
you are mine as once predestine to be
strength flees from me
words are useless
moot in point nothing pleasant
deaf ears, no retort rebuttal
a fool who argues with himself
no victors for spoils of war are you