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I’ll never make it
I wont see you
face in water, reflections still
I drink water wish…… it was wine
drown my sorrows glass half empty
with you so full, of life
I fall to you, on the precipus
tipping point, where can i find my light
candles are to dim
I’ll never make it
thought I try
glass beneath my feet I tread on pain
fall on bended knee as though to propose
I beg for mercy, reminded of Job
trail by fire, i walk on hot coals
shall i be Daniel in lion’s den
I can’t roar anymore
my voice is gone, vocal cords constricted
burning bush in my heart
Fire in eyes
still I want more
I’ll never make it
too many transgression
not enough forgiveness
saint sinner so i shall be
soul earned through suffering
shall it be laughter to make it speak
I call on an absent god
but shall he listen
I fall asleep in his hands
guided by grace
still i press my palms
regret is obsolete as an abacus
I count my blessings, tally the results