I want to dig into you

sometimes you are ruled with your college lines

I adore that you are highly educated but blank

how I like to fill you in with promise

you don’t speak just the way

I prefer this

just let me do all the work  you lay back relax

it’s only my breath present

my hand braces you a times

then, I ramble on with you in my palm

at times I am a bit rough

your edges are torn, by my careless ways

I tend to regret this

at time i make mistakes and have no eraser

I cross them out over you

we start over and its all fresh from here

you forgive my tough tone at times

I remember when you were knew

your smell i was your first

i am your one and only

at times i shout at you

but you hold my secrets

there are numbers that swirl in you

sometimes its with regret

others with pleasure

sometimes you think i like the number 2

but you have always been one

you are me comfort from long days

sleepless nights

daydreams my escape in to infatuation

my great expectation

you are unrequited love not for filled

so your not blank anymore

and your seem to be running out of space

I wont forget you

i know i left my imprint on you