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Dream to sleep my little one
you wont wake for sleep’s cousin has you
her grasp you, wont let you go
though you can lament
press palms in prayer
sleep slumber as snow white was
if it where only poison apples
no prince, will charm lips to life
for sleep is infinite and embrace final
dream little one time shall move space
heavens will change
you sleep and dream, among others that follow
I will wish for it’s solitude at times
shall I be there beside you
Oh, to hold you hand
how I have wished to walked that path
your fork in the road
your departure from my reality
sleep well little one, upon Abraham’s bosom
how he welcomes his children
long was your suffering
sleep and dream, rest, reflect
for I shall, with moments of doubt
my faith trickles in fluctuations 
I lean towards no understanding
purpose to plan
give me strength
trading time i would have
given life for yours how i sacrifice
you my little lamb
they blame for your slaughter
for the sins of a mother
fall upon innocent skin
you are plucked before prime
My rose