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In arms not his ,but only human
for moments I stole to be, or never was
sleep, dream, in others beds,
long to be with my love
such moral turpitude
crimes of infatuation

Fall from grace with peace I find that never is forever
and all others are shadows
kiss lips and envision hints of you
others eyes…. I ask why? I cant erase
souls set adrift i find my self wrapped
in such solitude, question and you my answer

The equation of us is muddled
I am in his grasp still you embrace me
thought we never see eye to eye
souls mingle fates intertwined so we
touch and fade I drift into insanity

Many men enter in all
you placed on mantle, trophy of my heart
stay on shelf, as I reminisce of you
Kept content by what ifs or what is never
reality is never as regal as memories
I still carry flame, though not as blue as before
rather red add fuel so fire can consume me
I gladly surrender