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Burning my bridges don’t come to my shore
burning bridges, no  way to get to me anymore
burning bridges as far as the I can see
let them burn and don’t return to me

That bridge was there built with lies
composed of hollow parts
bond by lust and an unfaithful heart
it was over a vast space that you could cross
but the bridge is burnt you cant cross 

No, you wont cross
i don’t want your olive branch 
for it will burn too 
best back away, before it consumes you
burning Bridges as the tides comes in 
burning bridges, some say its a sin

  Others say don’t burn but let them stay 
for you may want to travel back  one day
   I cant see why I shouldn’t ignite the fuse
to burn this bridge and what do i lose

The kind words that were deceit
the smile that has me meek
no, I’ll burn this bridge 
set it a blaze and watch as it comes down
and look at the ashes as they fall to ground
and see the victory when in that crimson glow
how a phoenix feels when it ashes ignite in snow