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I have missed your lips,face too far from time

I know my fingers won’t touch your door

the key is turning on goodbye

formed with regret I step away, from our bed of memories

lay me down, sleep oh dreamer no daylight

creep into my shadow as we were once side by side

now apart distance, great chasm of divide

fathoms down  below the surface

so calm and collected I fall under your spell

bewitched, you move and I mention missing me

laughter echoes of us as I pass down halls

palms pressed I as for insight

on bended knee I beg, head bowed

Oh, my love don’t be shy take me

no reason why

I lay in this empty bed wrapped in moments

shake the sent to you and awake

mourn in heart, breath of tears, and eyes linger on love

EXHALE, and it leave me gone like summer sun…………..