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Mother may I,

sedative, sedating, sooth, humble soul

bicker with quarrels, fist raised shout

no resolution….

tears implore sympathy

moot points respective plea

no need to bargain or wages to barter with

those of sin discourse

the cords are struck , chimes disappoint

mother child see eye to chest

shoes, too big to fill she flip flops

shaking fingers they point at times

disappointment, shame, no beauty she resides in shadows

keep out of sight and mind, she wonders why

perspective of the horizon suns

warmth never illuminates mother’s eye

she clamors for attention

meet with stop, no, don’t, you can’t double negative

she strives for positive

it grows, hunger pains of love

empty mothers arms, the child’s recipe calls for affection

never confection sugar sweet for daughter

sour taste, bitter remnants remain tart

puckered lips introvert is extra extended

shell form cover sensitive skin

grow quill protection, armor of armadillo

Mother, may I…………..