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Over before it began,those eyes had me
hand on cheek lips meeting feeling sparks
lessen restraint,unravel me
my clue

so many layers, I in bloom
caught in rapture or You
take me, how i want to be lifted above sorrow
give me your grace, i pray for one such as you
your palm against chest i hold fast
breath sigh my eyes closed lips part

pressure raised falling into you heaven sent soliloquies from your lips
i am enthralled by your tantalizing demeanor
cower before your gaze stone hearts beat
they do so fierce that i gasp for air
electric aspirations consumed by my fear
i pull my self in to the solace of exile
recoil like serpent and strike with venom of words

pain pause regret friend was foe forget forgiveness
your blues eyes are not ice as i expected
warm hue of understanding i reside in your arms
warmth unparalleled understanding unequal