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Handsome Happy Single man wants a best friend, a lover and a wife. – 36 (Run away with me? Run to Florida?)

Date: 2012-02-03, 12:30AM EST
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Hi, I’m James, I am re writing this ad and reposting this ad very late at night. I am alone in bed in the dark I suppose day dreaming about the life I want, the life I am attempting to make with this ad. I am in a sense asking the universe to help me out and help me meet the woman I will make my best friend, my lover, my wife and the woman I will make the mother of my children. I am in bed as I said. Its freezing tonight its dark I have the lights off and I am in all honesty enjoying my king size bed, and my insanely luxurious silk sheets and silk pajamas. Black silk pajamas black silk sheets and a black comfortor. Ok please read on if you are interested
I am a single handsome successful man who is searching for a lover, a friend, a partner who wants to be a kept wife. I live in Washington DC now, I am about to celebrate my 37th birthday alone. I am not lone I am alone there is a huge difference with the two definitions. As I said I am alone, I am infact a bit of a loaner. I wrote most of this ad on christmas day and I repost it occasionally and someone keeps flaging it. I do not believe I am violation of the terms of service, ODD. As I wrote in the title, I want a best friend, I want a lover, and I want a wife. I want a family. I want a son and a daughter, I want that challenge. I want a reason to get up in the morning. I want a reason to push hard in life. I also want to move from washington DC to the State of Forida. I am tired of the cold and Ice and the shoveling and putting salt down. I have been thinking about this a lot, I have a plan behind this ad. I do not beleive the housing market has bottomed out I dont think any one does really. I want to get to know a pretty woman I want to make her my best friend. I will travel to you and you can travel to me occasionally and we can take short weekend vacations in between both citites. I want to become best friends and lovers and when the the time is right we can make the move to Florida. I am want to be in Florida for next for my 38 birthday. We can rent a small place in FLorida you can go to school or work I will build my real estate business or continue with my track in the Hotel business or we can both go work in the restaurant business. I want to live with you for one year and when we are sure I mean we not just me I won’t jump the gun and ruin everything I will be calm and patient for one year and if we are ready I will marry you. I will marry you hard.
As I stated earlier, I am about to turn 37 and I am alone not lonely, alone I think it is important to make that clear. I am extremely glad you are reading my attempt at connecting with you. I have been thinking allot lately about how I want to be a better man than my father, certainly a better father than my father ever was. I think this really is my attempt to do that. I have been thinking about a family. I want to have one. I want a woman to love I want a son and daughter to love I want the whole deal. I am pretty lucky really. I am in sales and can work anywhere in the country and thanks to a large inheritance I can afford a nice home almost anywhere and I have been thinking about Florida. I have a plan and the plan says I am going to buy a house for cash I will own it outright no mortgage. I am going to make this house my home. I want to make that home with you, the woman hopefully that the universe shows this ad to.
You and I hopefully in five years from now maybe even five years to the day we can be celebrating our first wedding anniversary in our home with our first child on the way. I would like to believe you are interested and want to keep reading. I would like to believe you are so interested you want to know everything about me and are desperate to keep reading please read the rest of the ad which I wrote and posted but someone flagged.
I am really glad you are still reading my ad. I am looking for something very interestingand I beleive to be wildly romantic.
I live in Washington DC now although I have deep roots in the City of Akron. My grandparents and my entire family really, are from Akron. I am an aspiring novelist working on my first novel of high adventure and low humor. I work in sales, and I am in the process of obtaining my real estate sales license. Read real estate agent. I am very happy and fun loving and financially very well off thanks in large part to an inheritance. I inherited both sets of Grandparents homes in Akron and was able to sell them over this year. I have sold my apartments the one in Los Angeles and the one in DC as well as the one in Manhattan for a nice profit. As I wrote above I am moving to Florida specifically Tampa on the gulf unless you have other suggestions. I love Ohio women they are the prettiest and the sexiest and the most experimental. My ex in the photos below is from Akron and now living in Los Angeles she was upset I sold the apartment but oh well. I have enough to buy for cash a four or five bedroom home on or close to the beach and I am tired of the cold weather. I am single turning 37 in February, six four white tall with brown curly hair and blue yes. I am built like an ex college football player which is exactly what I am although I need to loose a few pounds.
I am essentially alone in the world except for my mother and my dog Jackson, so named for President Andrew Jackson a true man of the people and the only U.S. President in History to ever actually BALLENCE THE BUDGET. I have family but we don’t really talk.
I used to be a Stand Up Comic and deeply enjoyed the years I spent touring the USA. I of course loved Florida and the Florida beaches I am tired of living in the cold and the snow and I am tired of killing my self for a lifestyle here in Washington DC, which I don’t even like or want. I will be able to really enjoy life and enjoy a family, which I hope to have. Imagine sunny days balmy nights, nice lazy sunny Sunday afternoons with our son by our private pool. The pool you taught him to swim in. Doesn’t it look awesome outside can you see it? Well that is where I want to live.
I am primarily looking to get to know you long distance and on short weekend visits to Cleveland and you to DC and well places in between then when we are ready and sure we click and fit, We will make the move together down to Florida. I being a planner suggest we live together one full year as the true test also The housing market hasn’t hit rock bottom yet and when it does we will pounce and buy our dream home within the budget.
Today is another day at the end of a long week on the short path to my 37th birthday which I will spend alone. I am ok with that I really am so please do not think I am desperately searching for something in the free personals section of Craigslist. I am Ok and Happy being alone Jackson my dog listens very well and I will start a new job soon as well as the Real Estate classes and be back distracted by the real world. I actually am beginning to think I will be alone forever but I decided to write this instead of shopping more a motorcycle and writing. I am here taking a small chance with nothing to loose and everything to gain.
I imagine my own family and what that would be like at Christmas. You opening the diamond necklace or bracelet you didn’t expect, You opening the other presents you did expect me unwrapping you from the fancy lingerie you got as a present for me. Our son or daughter playing with all the flotsam and jet sum of childhood under a tree in paradise maybe going for a swim in our pool, the pool you taught him or her to swim in while I make the worst Christmas dinner I can without burning down the house (I sell stuff not cook stuff, remember) Christmas music playing even though it’s eighty five degrees outside and we are packing for a trip to Disney world later that week. We are going for New Years.
I want to be there in five years, I want to experiment with you and experience you for a year and when it works marry you and have a child. I am happy, I am handsome and an incredibly hard worker. I am always up beat and have a positive mental attitude. I want to eventually own my own business a real estate brokerage. I am clean and have been for nine years, I do not drink or use any drugs any more. I have had a lot of interest in my book so that will sell and you can tell people you married a published writer. Yes I know my grammar is awful and so is my spelling that’s my dyslexia and why any editor who reads my book should be invested in Tylenol.
I am an awesome guy who is honest straightforward and a Boy Scout. I am on craigslist because I want something very specific in my lover, friend and wife. I am not here because I can’t get a date. Please read on if you are still interested.
Ok more about me. I am dominant and at the same time very easy going. I am very kinky and looking for a woman who is submissive and out going but needs discipline control and structure a woman who wants to be in effect owned, and trained. As a hobby I build furniture and want to build several large pieces of furniture for us to use together as a kinky couple. Light bondage pieces and one I have been working on and refining for a few years now (I build it and redesign it and build a new one) I call it the breeding bench. I am very kinky and looking for a woman.
A woman, who is very submissive and wants to be owned, trained and dominated sexually. I am looking for a T.P.E relationship Email me if you want to know more.
As I said I want you and you and then I to get to know each other a bit move with me to Florida and live with me in our home. You will be a kept woman. I am asking you to give up a lot, I know. I want you to understand there that there is a very large benefits package for the right woman and it will be enough if after one year you want to separate you can start over any where.
I am looking for a very pretty woman who is very submissive and kinky who wants to give me everything she has in return for a certain lifestyle and a certain luxury.
You should be submissive and want to give up your power and accept mine.
You must love sex and want to be in a DOM/sub lifestyle. You must want to experiment and experience interesting new boundaries. You must be very kinky.
I believe it would help if you are bisexual but not something I demand. I WANT CHILDREN DO YOU? I WANT A SON.
To be honest I am prepared. If we move in together and it is complete disaster, give you a SUBSTANTIAL monetary benefits package. I want you to be able to leave if you want out and I want you to be comfortable if that is the choice you make. Meaning if we do go through with this and decide we are right for each other you will have left a lot behind and I want to make it right it if you decide to start over. I am not trying to buy any one I am trying to make it clear that you will be protected and I will be protected if we decide this isn’t something we want to follow through on. I want to connect with a wonderful woman and I am hoping a pretty, sexy happy wonderful woman is out there and wants to connect with me. I want her to know if it doesn’t work out she is protected and so am I and she won’t be thrown out on the street in some strange town in Florida.
This is perfect if you are a dancer or striper and tired of that life and want out of it.
You must be at least 5″7′. At least a 36C cup size. You should be tight, taught and wiling to tan. I LOVE HER BODY STYLE NOT HER. I WANT TO FALL IN LOVE, I WILL BE HAPPY TO COVER THE MOVE ON YOUR END. I SPECIFICALLY MEAN I WILL COVER THE COST OF YOUR MOVE.

You may call or text
Two zero two.
Four. Eight. Six.
Two. Five. Five. Zero.
You may email me
You must be willing to trade numbers and speak on the phone
You must include your phone number and a few photos in the email.
You must be willing to discuss the move to Florida.
I will send you to school if that’s what you want
Single mothers are encouraged to apply if you look a bit like my ex.
If you are not HWP please do not bother
My ex is in the photos below.