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the revolution will not be tweeted, no iphones
one will speak, thousands will SHOUT!!
it wont be facebooked, or though mass media
revolutions are revelations of self

this revolution wont be in protest with fist waved
people united arm an arm
sit ins and love fest of peace
nor through brutality
this revolution wont be televised
youtubed, broadcast on radio or satellite
it shall be with actions not taken

though not the swipe of a credit card
the exchanging of bills, the jingling of coins
the sound of silent retailers
the ticker tapes of Wall Street
the rush on major banks, that fill the sting or withdraw

the 99% become the majority in the minority of wealth
they cast aside material and understand sacrifice
taught to be consumers from birth
break cycles
see the chains evaporate
trend disappear
keep up with the Jones
now just a catch phrase of pop culture
We embrace simplicity and manifest our density
expand this idea west ward were checks and balances
Become more then just an idea but a way of life