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i didn’t see your design, architect
why my features where graced
with almond and eyes and permanently pout lips
wide nostrils with lambs wool on crown
slender frame and fingers

outward never looked like inner
architect, your design is flawed
i only see half the picture
people point stare
beauty in those eyes who beholds me

ugly ducking some never become swans
finding my way, glasses and big feet
still almond eyes, no special color
duck lips ,brown skin
somewhere between light and dark
i am so desperately caught in this middle

still architect i except your design
my nose in books
voracious locus apatite
imbibe information
process like computer and retain

such a beautiful mind

architect my design designated to me
lose glasses, contacts are in style
apply gloss lips shine lips excepted
slender frame and figure
course curls excepted
almond yes hints of amber now

architect i don’t understand your design
but he does
my lips full,eyes inviting, frail frame fascinating to others
my face is considered to be perfection, from outsiders looking in
ugly ducking when I tell the tale they see swan
and i retort in clever ways
architect i never saw the completed model
only pieces
and i am still under construction
from my architect