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The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice as the old saying goes.  Right!  So why must every black woman be angry.  Wait, wait, we are not black.  News Flash we  not some color out the crayon box.  In fact most of us are shades of brown.  To clear up the angry you might say assertive.  In the words of Jay Z a close mouth does not get feed….. Who wants to be a doorstop of some type a floor mat.In that response is Hilary Clinton an ‘Angry White” woman.  You could thank Bill for that and Monica.  Still when did being a  black woman carry the angry stigma.  Oh, yes we have to thank the media for this image.  Let us take look at what people see in order to perpetuate this stereotype of “The Angry Black Woman”  Damn you VH1, MTV,  and BET. Yes, the Black Entertainment Channel…  How could you?Well they just did but they are all owned by MTV so they are just following the format.  Insert angry vapid Black woman or women for a laugh.  The we buy into it by watching the train wreck unfold right before our eyes.  We cant look away we have to step up to the plate and not just eat off it ,but tell them that all Black women are not like this….  We are smart intelligent individuals who deserved to be portrayed in the correct light. It’s time to break the mode of the the “Ghetto” Stereotype….FYI Ghetto is actually what the Jewish people lived in when they first immigrated to America.  History people!!!!!!!!  Where does it end everyday people around the world are bombarded with these images and it becomes ingrained into them.  We as Black women cannot escape this image and we become stifled by it. They say first impressions are lasting ,but what happens when you cant make one???????