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#Torrington : Topless protesters detained at Davos forumfinance.yahoo.comThree topless Ukrainian p… on.fb.me/zBxqP4 #usrevolution

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Let’s tell @twitter that censorship is not okay. #twitterblackout #censuratwitter no tweets tomorrow!

I was on twitter last night and this post flashed across about a “Twitter Black Out” On Occupy ,but as you can see they are still tweeting and doing massive amounts with all their sister sites in toe.  What does that say about Occupy can we trust them?  Your word is your bond and so does it seem like the funds they are raising…..  Where is all this money going to and is one of the 99% going to become a future 1%.  Scary thought ,but where does it end??  Everyone has there hands out but no one is making a impact.  Occupy has morphed in to Copy  lose the extra c and u then change it around.  The same principals as Wall  Street only dressed as a revolution when its just a scam…Put your money where you mouth is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!