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It’s all about the Benjamins when it come to Wall Street…..  So why are people building new age Hoovervilles to combat the greed?  So you protest the establishment and want to right the wrongs of Wall Street.  Then you go out and buy Starbucks coffee,text on your iphone, and then grab something to eat at a local gas station.  Where is the logic????   You get the media attention, the views on YouTube, and maybe you get a little self satisfaction.  But where does the buck stop????????  Your still a consumer of the evil that you sought to remedy.

People make the world go round and especially those who have money.  Yes, that all might dollar.  Will it burn a hole in your pocket?  So why spend it on corporations that fuel Wall Street? Why not protest in a way that hurts?  The bottom line, you know right before it drops out.  We need to put our money where our mouths are and protest.  Like a Twisted Sister we are not gonna take it!!!!  We need  a green out!!!!!!!!!!!  No, Spending money on  anything that support Wall Street establishments.  Just food for thought well a light snack if you will….