sorrow thick molasses brown
not sweet bitter still i toil i tank
sinking titanic ways
slowly in the undertow
pull me little tug boat “I think I can”
but i cant, shore to far
set your sails out grab the wind
broken wing birds cant, glide NO…
time to mend like i do, holes in socks
darn them endless stitches

making hollow whole time fills me in
maybe its passage that slips me away
and i forget the hole was there
or was just use to it being
acceptance final chapter close

i refuse to write in this book
you cant make me i concede defeat
no agony and release
Regret i laugh at you hardy
take deep breaths
ill speak words i shall never muffle
nor shall i stifle the vulgarity on my self
i am human and woman i roar loud
hear me ,know i speak as though live
in all my action and words
abrasive ,Ajax scrub away doubt