my history or maybe its mystory trying to figure out odds ends

no completion my lineage is not linked

fragments bites pieces jigsawed puzzles

time line in accurate i fast forward and rewind events

read faithfully its not i or me i see or we 


my people fragmented Renaissance in Harlem hurried by

my age of enlightenment not present

i proceed to move in unorthodox direction

pasting together scrapes of what i was to figure out who i am

my destiny, i wont know until my journey is over

obscure references of my manifest destiny tide me over

i expand westward and leave east behind

i shall not divide and conquer but unite


Oh, words from a dreamer

i speak them and hope they manifest

again it calls me back i drift to dreams

reality falls before me

i wake in this dream its deferred

Langston helps ,but still I am a raisin in this sun