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Lets touch

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marry me?

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comic books huh? I love transformers……..the real ones from the 80’s not this micheal bay travesty. i love transformers sooooo much that i used a line from the original 1986 movie right before i lost my virginity. I only have one testicle so my 18 yr old self said Morbius …….look its unicron……get to the ships!!!!!! right before i penetrated. thats a hot story i know. i got picked on a lot because of that one testicle thing when i was a kid. i was called ONLY ONE KANOBEI and THE UNIBALLER.

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I’m more interested in solving the female anatomy than exploring algorithms to crack a female rubix cube. Perhaps putting a ticket to the Geek Squat can help. :-). All kidding aside, you do have a mysterious kink in you. I bet your right brain is dominant coz you show a flash of artistic talent, even in writing. I’m intrigued by it.