you stand out side

tears on my windowpain

I have to be strong when you walk away

shout, stand, and sit, walk from sanity

thunder in my heart, lightning in my brain

the storm is here flurries of doubt


blizzard of emotion arctic intentions and I freeze you out

I can’t stop thinking of those that have the power…..

 for they will do what they will, I must usurp it from you

tug of war heart, to and fro on tied to shore

sea sick of this,turbulent is this sea of feeling

I cant fathom the deep

how many leagues am I 20,000??

downing in this deep ,never rolling with in its bliss full submergence


I sirens call me down to deep

I rebel in release, breath is shallow

I inhale love and exhale forget

no air to sustain me, eyelids heavy

sleep now weary from my travels on restless tides

mirages of a life past in my present situation

on Strange tides