every wrong turn was right

missteps taken turn into a predictable path

light does not shine where i tread

walking on thin ice it shattered i fall though

caught in an exile my own, i wonder

they say no, i say yes and i move

 to a destination unknown

hesitation and hints are all around

i stay this crooked course, winding roads, mountains to climb

so many obstacles each one worse

snow at my back,wind in my face

sorrow on my lips and glint in my eyes

i trudge on rocky terrain it taxes my sanity

toll is taking place…. turn around to past

far behind i faultier  to my knees i bend

curse my course, Regret!!!!!!! I shout 

you take my hand

i looked to you and forgot


on feet, stand tall and i dont tremble

worng turns were right

ever step taken for reason

i realize rational decisions made in haste were correct

conceived my best laid plans were mistakes

its predestination my destiny i meet it with open arms

embrace you and eyes closed with hope

knowing all wrongs were right

absolved by amnesty i am, mist in my eyes

walking that fine line of love and doubt

for you