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i dont know what i want if it is to return

this hunger it cant be curved

so i dig in and hope this will sufice

my plates not full almost half empty

i take bites never do i savor, just swallow

to quail the pains my hunger so Urgent it needs to be cured

no utensil needed ,no edicate for my meal ,table manners i scoff at them

i must sustain momentum its only for nurture my nature is never to relish the moment

its digested and done bon appetite Love

dine for one

4 star resturant whats on that menue love

the soup of the day was  meloncy

with a hint of solitude

and still i dine here at the table of love

full banquet it once was, such delectable dishes

as i sampled never to become full

now i dine alone 4 course still the same

small nibbles bites and pieces

such a beguiling presentation soon to be plucked apart

dismembered empty plate

i dine on love

i leave its table

i am empty