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heart-broken can’t find the glue

shattered the pieces are incorrect

the impact was sever i cant breathe my knees are weak

the pain feels endless

timeless are the chants i cant seem to heal

its surreal my life i lived before

i try to ignore signs of us

i trust it will past

how long can it last

trash all photos

cant help but it s a freeze frame of life

i keep living giving in to regret and phone calls

disconnect the line i cant rewind time your mistakes

so for sake of sanity how many step do i have to take

before i get pushed back like you yell sorry

that s all it is a game seems i cant win

all the chips are stack

i am all in calling your bluff

do i wish to travel this road as i have done with others

my feet hesitate

ill take my time plead the fifth

i  might incriminate my self with feeling