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iphone,ipad,ipod, and idon’t know what the hell they are going to do next ,but we have them to thank for technology crack.  Yes , that next fix that make of want  to Jones for more while keeping up with the Jones.  Well you cant overdose on technology, but it can make you go broke….  Mac has their hand on the plus of the hipsters and the trends of today right or are the just telling us whats hot and what’s not?????Are you a Mac or a PC?  Most just want to be Mac and no you can’t super size that iphone…  You can’t upgrade it at all.  It’s simply a paper weight once the novelty has worn off. To be honest most people just play Angry Birds on it. Soo weeeeeee  little piggy and death from above.  Think about it what does the iphone really offer?   Some GPS voice that responds to your question.  What’s her name Siri and why can’t there be a male voice for women.  We will call him Sirius.  You know to make your significant other angry.  Also, it should greet you everday with “Hello beautiful”. Every morning you can chant these words “iphone, ipone in my hand who is the prettiest in the land”.  Hope it does not respond with Tina on your Facebook friends list.  I guess this is great if you have carpel tunnel or arthritis. On many networks you can’t talk and surf the web.  Though it would be great if it had legs and would get you a mocha latte half calf  or change the babies diaper after it told you it was just a rash.  Note to anyone that make apps  make one that gives smart phones legs,arms, and the ablity to follow directions.  It’s just a phone with Apps but wait its a little more all the wealthy people have them….  Ding! Ding!  That’s it status the haves and the have nots which is like a technology razz mine I better then yours.  Its about competition that is  what this great country is all about being better fast and a tad less heavy…. Dare I say weightless?  So why do people who cant even spell iphone,ipad, or ipod even want one.  Not its not about supply and demand, not its not about staying connect and no its no for love of technology.  Oh the humanity.  It’s to say that I have one.  OK, think about the reason for the name iphone.  The “i” in it pertaining to self meaning mine selfish much.  It’s like a subliminal message that say if you buy me you you own me “I am all yours.” that famous phrase “The things we cannot have”.  Followed by it can be yours for the low price of $200.00 and a two year phone contract.  Not to mention that we are going to make another one about a year later that you will also want.  Can you say suckers?  I know you could. 

Ok let take a look at Steve Jobs.  What a man!  What an inventor! I have to ask how cheap can one man be?  He wore the same thing like everyday.  You think he would keep buying the same thing over and over again.  I don’t think so.  Jobs would have wanted something that you could add on upgrade.  More bang for the buck.  He  wanted to get the most out of everything.  Hence the repetitive clothing.  You get my point ,but Apple nice trick the want becomes demand not the need. Now everyone biting and that is how they flipped it on us.  I must say Steve Jobs had many hits and misses.  Then finally he stumbled up on a Homer.  Having that doe moment in a most poetic fashion.    Jobs had a good point about being able to access information anywhere.  I’ll give him that and  RIP ,but why make it so pricey?  Maybe he wanted to make up for all his past flops, may just to get rich, or could it just be fame to feed a narcissistic ego.  I don’t know ,but the question I pose is if the Apple is poison why do we still want a bite???????