Whats that old saying revenge is a dish best served cold.  Well most what it hot fresh with burnt tongue.  Your eager to to dig in when someone does you wrong.  What is wrong ,but what is right the lines get blurred?  Like Amy Winehouse said its a losing game.  You can’t put in a game genie or cheat codes to pass this level sometimes it just stops.  Then you get one Uped when you found out he has moved.  You better get a magic mushroom and hope that you have one to grow on.  That why you face the koopa troopas another day.  Rather die another day double 0 seven style.  You cant always get what you want i cant remember who wrote that song ,but there is truth in that.  On the other hand what happens when you get what you want.  That big dish of revenge its cold and a little under cooked.  Does it make you full was it satisfying?  Can you rub your tummy in delight?  How long till your empty again?

So you look back at him with resentment and contempt,but why?  You live,love, learn and move on up.  Just like the Jefferson’s… Weezy not lil Wayne…  You have to its life it does not stop only you do time never does.  So when your consummed by anger are you really over it?  Your letting your revenge simmer on the back burner and one day it will boil down to nothing. Don’t turn it up on high for the full boil over….  That’s how you get over it by letting it fade away.  They say time heals all wounds that’s not so true.   It just makes you forgetful the pain leaves.  Just don’t go back opening old wounds with woulda, coulda, shoulda, and what might have been.  The past is the past we can only learn for mistakes.  

Back to the revenge thing do we really want to or need it?  Remember that saying everyone plays the fool.  You might have been the court jester with egg on your face this time.  Maybe the next time instead of the Joker you get a King of heart ,but will you be his Queen?  It might just club you over the head and you will see diamonds in the end.  So leave it be in most cases is all wrong nothing is right and just maybe its right for all the wrong reasons.  When you put on the hindsight and get the 20/20 vision.  Now it’s all so clear crystal….  What did you learn from it?  Will you make the same mistakes?  Did you Grow? Please don’t get stuck on who is gonna water your flower ladies.  There are plenty of men willing to do that just give them space and opportunity.  Make sure your not plucked before your time.  Say it with me grow from love see First wives club…. 

You grow because you want to and for no other person.