Yeah reality bites and it took a big chuck out of me.  All I can think is how, when, where, and what the hell just happened.  I logged and tuned out the television only to finds.  This dreaded email.  Yes from the ex.  It hit me like a ton of brick you know the kind that the coyote get smashed with.  Yes, this roadrunner has my brain in circle and Acme needs to make a delivery to cure it.I don’t know what to say or do I am totally speechless.  I think he should have gotten the hint.  When you delete your Facebook account and block them on Google.  That means to take a long walk off a short pier and I am not talking about the import store.  I don’t want to be his friend or an acquaintance i wish simply to be forgotten.  Erased evaporated like the milk.  Gone in 60 second if you will.  Why do this what is he doing? Why is he messing with my head just when i had some peace? Not the pushing up daisies kind.  It is so intrusive and not kosher like ham at Jewish holiday. 

  Make me think and when your mind want to turn off  then he just pushed broil.  I am baking and cant figure out why?  Whats my malfunction?  My situation went into over load over an email that was two sentence long.  So he want to see if I am Ok.  In other words “Hey loser you still thinking about me?” or maybe “I am a dumb ass I still love you”.  The funny part is I don’t really care after going nuts listening to 808’s and heart breaks for about a month I don’t want him to Say You Will.

See Kanye West and like him I graduated to full on swaggatude.  Back to Brooklyn and the drawing board ready to reinvent myself.  So in all this where does it leave him?  The answer is minus me. One is a lonely number I guess he will eventually pair up as we all want to so people.  So this is to all who get that email or text the choice is yours choose your door.  You might get zonked if you ,do but its your choiceFor me its the road that leads the mystery.   What if and what now?   I move and so should you.