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I was thinking about I was thinking about Sex in the City.  I can’t

relate to any of those women…  I cant be Carrie no Mr. Big or around or even a Mr.Little.  Samantha eww she be had more balls in her then a a hoop at the NBA summer Jam.  I say no thank you ,but who am i to judge.  Then there is Miranda yes the fiery ginger spice thought not that pretty.  Who ends up wit the geek but damn I do tan well.  Who can forget Charlotte?  The rigid rich married twice all American girl?  Not me I am so far out side the box ,but who likes to be squared in.  I don’t, but do you?  I can’s relate to any of those women…   In the words of Carrie Bradshaw “Is sex a one way street where only one gets off”

Maybe it has to be with all the emotions involved rather on the women’s side or maybe you both can get off and none is the wiser.  But, more often then not you wont  sex can take you on a ride you won’t ever forget.   Even dare I say it that L word.  Love now that’s pretty far fetched but it happens.  Have you ever meet that person that give you the tingles.  Not the shock waves like static ,but that instant connection its almost primal.  It’s a core connection that first look smile glance get you wraps you up.  You could say a thousand things and nothing comes out possibilities flood your mind.  Then there are what if’s but the pass for that moment you are wrapped up in each other.  Well, you are at least then it passes and your left with regret.  Happens to most women after sex!!!!!! 

You can spend you life looking for the One and get all Jet Lei.   You might get a Neo and you could end up stuck in the Matrix…..  I  would rather live in reality to each his own or hers.  It’s what you make it life is a Apple take a bite.  No not the app…. 

So back to sex in my city currently not happening.  I am kinda picky so its going to be a long time ill keep you posted.  This online dating thing is not working out too well i guess the fact that I tend to pick the guys that look like cracker jacks.  Some how hoping  in the inside I get a cool prize.  None so far i am keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes closed next time I click.   Lets see what I get next!!!!!!!