[2:13:19 am]Slamgrass1:i like your mask…

[2:14:15 am]Slamgrass1:does it stay on?

[2:15:22 am]Brookelynne80:no only when i fight crime

[2:17:35 am]Slamgrass1:damn, I was hoping it was a bedroom prop. Your profile sounds like you are the one breaking all the rules

[2:17:52 am]Brookelynne80:yeah

[2:17:57 am]Brookelynne80:and what

[2:18:08 am]Slamgrass1:nothing wrong with breakin rules

[2:18:13 am]Slamgrass1:meant to be broken

[2:18:33 am]Brookelynne80:yeah and then you got to jail

[2:18:44 am]Brookelynne80: dont pass go or collect 200 dollars

[2:18:48 am]Slamgrass1:no necessarily

[2:19:03 am]Brookelynne80:yes so what bring you to me

[2:19:13 am]Slamgrass1:your mask

[2:19:45 am]Brookelynne80:is that all wow

[2:20:08 am]Slamgrass1:im the criminal, i want you to come get me

[2:20:39 am]Slamgrass1:and keep that mask on when i get you

[2:20:50 am]Brookelynne80:is that all you want

[2:20:59 am]Brookelynne80:some Fiona action

[2:21:04 am]Slamgrass1:yeah

[2:21:09 am]Brookelynne80:you Criminal

[2:21:23 am]Slamgrass1:i want to see how good you are at fightn crime

[2:21:44 am]Brookelynne80:well I have a magiic lasseo

[2:21:52 am]Brookelynne80:let me go get my rope

[2:22:16 am]Slamgrass1:a rope and and a mask, i like it

[2:22:46 am]Slamgrass1:what time is it in houston?

[2:23:21 am]Brookelynne80:time for a change

[2:23:44 am]Slamgrass1:heard that

[2:24:00 am]Brookelynne80:so ch ch change

[2:25:10 am]Slamgrass1:naaa

[2:26:21 am]Slamgrass1:y?

[2:18:00 am]Slamgrass1:the masked mistress is out and about

[2:18:15 am]Brookelynne80:yes I am trying to save the day

[2:18:37 am]Slamgrass1:you have saved my day…

[2:18:59 am]Brookelynne80:yes indeed

[2:19:23 am]Brookelynne80:Call me Clark Kent little sister

[2:19:42 am]Slamgrass1:whats your kryptonite?

[2:20:03 am]Brookelynne80:Well It not a bald guy with a beer

[2:20:24 am]Brookelynne80:you wanna know something that make me weak in the knees

[2:20:33 am]Slamgrass1:yeah, not what doesnt silly

[2:20:42 am]Brookelynne80:it a guy with a sledge hammer

[2:20:51 am]Slamgrass1:john henry?

[2:21:14 am]Brookelynne80:Yeah well he was a steal driving man

[2:21:26 am]Brookelynne80:that or he male version of the girl form misery

[2:21:53 am]Slamgrass1:i gotta ya, you like your steal driven hard…

[2:22:09 am]Brookelynne80:yeah to connect the east and west

[2:22:36 am]Slamgrass1:fo sho

[2:23:03 am]Brookelynne80:I guess you do it for the hoes

[2:23:10 am]Brookelynne80:not like santa baby

[2:23:33 am]Slamgrass1:im no pimp, i do nothing for the hoes

[2:23:51 am]Brookelynne80:only if you are beating them with wire hangers

[2:24:02 am]Brookelynne80:unless you wanna go all mommy dearest

[2:24:16 am]Slamgrass1:yes wire hangers

[2:24:21 am]Slamgrass1:thats what i like

[2:24:37 am]Slamgrass1:i was thinking extension cords

[2:24:46 am]Slamgrass1:but hangers will do

[2:24:55 am]Brookelynne80:I see you have joomed tje serial killers

[2:25:12 am]Slamgrass1:huh?

[2:25:24 am]Brookelynne80:the better to tie you up with my dear

[2:25:42 am]Brookelynne80:oh grandfather what a big gord you have

[2:25:46 am]Slamgrass1:i dont think so

[2:26:03 am]Slamgrass1:im to tie up, not to be tied

[2:26:25 am]Brookelynne80:really you want me to rope you lil doggy

[2:26:36 am]Slamgrass1:you can try

[2:26:52 am]Brookelynne80:I dont want to be fenced in

[2:27:02 am]Slamgrass1:youll probably find yourself in a comprimised position

[2:27:29 am]Brookelynne80:I dont think so

[2:27:37 am]Brookelynne80:I am not wonder woman

[2:27:52 am]Brookelynne80:you can subdue me when you bind my wrist

[2:28:25 am]Brookelynne80:too quick for you

[2:29:06 am]Slamgrass1:maybe so… you can run but you cant hide

[2:29:47 am]Brookelynne80:from the IRS

[2:30:06 am]Slamgrass1:damn you are good. Im here to collect

[2:30:09 am]Slamgrass1:tax that ass

[2:30:40 am]Brookelynne80:well it does not work for you and Uncle Sam You aint

[2:31:02 am]Slamgrass1:i take that back, you arent that good

[2:31:16 am]Brookelynne80:yes I am greatttttttttttttttttttt

[2:31:27 am]Brookelynne80:to say toni the tiger

[2:31:32 am]Slamgrass1:hahaha

[2:31:39 am]Brookelynne80:he tried to eat my frosted flakes

[2:31:42 am]Brookelynne80:I was nope

[2:32:17 am]Slamgrass1:i eat wheaties

[2:32:24 am]Slamgrass1:me and MJ

[2:32:40 am]Brookelynne80:yeah you are no tiger

[2:32:48 am]Brookelynne80:and you might not have any woog

[2:32:50 am]Brookelynne80:wood

[2:33:05 am]Slamgrass1:I guess you would know

[2:33:40 am]Slamgrass1:the woman that wears a make to hide her face

[2:33:51 am]Slamgrass1:mask

[2:33:59 am]Brookelynne80:shock value

[2:34:13 am]Slamgrass1:ill bet

[2:34:15 am]Brookelynne80:gotta love the high voltage effect getting buzzed

[2:35:18 am]Slamgrass1:i dont know

[2:35:39 am]Brookelynne80:yes you are like a tooties pop the world will never know

[2:36:48 am]Slamgrass1: i was thinking you are like a tootsie pop, hard and masked on the outside, but really just soft chocolate on the inside

[2:37:14 am]Brookelynne80:well this center aint creamy

[2:37:23 am]Brookelynne80:like the earths core

[2:37:33 am]Brookelynne80:Magma

[2:37:40 am]Slamgrass1:hot and molten

[2:37:44 am]Brookelynne80:watch out she is about to blow

[2:37:47 am]Brookelynne80:but not you

[2:38:00 am]Slamgrass1:please remind me one more time

[2:38:32 am]Slamgrass1:tricky masked mistresses

[2:38:37 am]Slamgrass1:every mans desire

[2:39:17 am]Brookelynne80:to be or not to be

[2:39:21 am]Brookelynne80:that is the question

[2:39:25 am]Slamgrass1:stupid question

[2:39:31 am]Slamgrass1:to be

[2:39:37 am]Slamgrass1:no question

[2:39:42 am]Brookelynne80:not to be stupid

[2:39:43 am]Brookelynne80:lol

[2:40:15 am]Slamgrass1:that is for sure

[2:40:34 am]Brookelynne80:I have can raise my hand and say that I am sure

[2:41:01 am]Slamgrass1:why do you need to raise your hand?

[2:41:27 am]Brookelynne80:well make sure the under arms are secure

[2:41:36 am]Brookelynne80:no pit stains

[2:41:52 am]Slamgrass1:like that degree commercial?

[2:42:08 am]Brookelynne80:yes

[2:42:14 am]Brookelynne80:bingo was his name o

[2:42:14 am]Slamgrass1:sure or unsure, sound like you are unsure

[2:42:29 am]Brookelynne80:Unsure what the hell you want

[2:42:49 am]Slamgrass1:remind me one more time

[2:43:11 am]Brookelynne80:well if you dont know then dont ask

[2:43:35 am]Slamgrass1:i didnt ask anything

i do want to beat you with a hanger

[2:44:24 am]Brookelynne80:I hope not

[2:44:34 am]Brookelynne80:I dont want this heel in you eye

[2:44:39 am]Brookelynne80:via single white female

[2:44:44 am]Slamgrass1:hahaha

[2:44:48 am]Slamgrass1:the sickness

[2:45:02 am]Slamgrass1:she has to be i see

[2:45:05 am]Slamgrass1:goodnight

[2:45:10 am]Slamgrass1:white*

[2:45:34 am]Slamgrass1:race is a last resort tactic of people with no other defence

[2:45:45 am]Brookelynne80:shields on high

[2:45:55 am]Brookelynne80:phasers on stun

[2:46:01 am]Brookelynne80:dick on limp