[6:35:39 am]PcGuYHousToN:hey good morning\

[6:35:46 am]PcGuYHousToN:how are u

29/M/Straight63% match / 12% enemy



[7:00:45 am]Brookelynne80:ok you

[7:02:22 am]PcGuYHousToN:i think u are super busy

[7:02:29 am]PcGuYHousToN:after 20 min u replied back:)

[7:02:36 am]Brookelynne80:no just got out the shower

[7:02:45 am]PcGuYHousToN:hmm

[7:02:46 am]PcGuYHousToN:ok

[7:02:52 am]PcGuYHousToN:i will be honest honey

[7:02:58 am]Brookelynne80:what

[7:03:01 am]PcGuYHousToN:i am looking for fun now,

[7:03:05 am]PcGuYHousToN:do u want cam to cam chat

[7:03:22 am]Brookelynne80:looking for fun dont they have sites for that

[7:03:23 am]Brookelynne80:lol

[7:03:33 am]Brookelynne80:morning wood huh

[7:03:42 am]PcGuYHousToN:yeah morning up:)

[7:03:54 am]PcGuYHousToN:i am feeling so hot and horny this morning i couldnt sleep

[7:04:07 am]Brookelynne80:so that is what brings to Brookelynne huh

[7:04:09 am]Brookelynne80:nice

[7:04:24 am]Brookelynne80:well at least I can compete with playboy now

[7:04:31 am]Brookelynne80:ill list that to my Resume

[7:04:43 am]Brookelynne80:right next to a critic from Hustler

[7:04:57 am]PcGuYHousToN:🙂 ur funny

[7:05:05 am]PcGuYHousToN:so what do you think:)?

[7:05:10 am]Brookelynne80:of what

[7:05:38 am]PcGuYHousToN:cam chat

[7:05:42 am]PcGuYHousToN:getting naked

[7:05:44 am]PcGuYHousToN:having fun

[7:06:37 am]Brookelynne80:getting naked infront of a cam with no physical interaction

[7:06:52 am]Brookelynne80:wow that is one hell of an imagination you have

[7:07:07 am]PcGuYHousToN:yeah

[7:07:12 am]PcGuYHousToN:cos i am burning now

[7:07:16 am]PcGuYHousToN:like a core fire

[7:07:25 am]Brookelynne80:why me

[7:07:44 am]PcGuYHousToN:cos

[7:07:47 am]Brookelynne80:could I be your fantasy or is that ludacris

[7:07:48 am]PcGuYHousToN:u look different

[7:07:57 am]Brookelynne80:I look diffrent how so

[7:07:59 am]Brookelynne80:the mask

[7:08:11 am]PcGuYHousToN:u are not like the other girls in here

[7:08:17 am]Brookelynne80:the fact that I may have an IQ over 70

[7:08:20 am]PcGuYHousToN:the way u talk on your profile

[7:08:21 am]Brookelynne80:how so

[7:08:34 am]Brookelynne80:Oh yeah wow such insight

[7:08:40 am]PcGuYHousToN:no absolutely u are over the average on iq stuff

[7:09:04 am]Brookelynne80:so that makes you want to see me naked

[7:09:06 am]Brookelynne80:hum

[7:09:15 am]Brookelynne80:intertesting

[7:09:25 am]PcGuYHousToN:of course no

[7:09:31 am]PcGuYHousToN:thats made me to talk to you

[7:09:39 am]PcGuYHousToN:naked stuff is a different part:)

[7:09:43 am]Brookelynne80:Wierd profile = naked cam action

[7:10:03 am]PcGuYHousToN:u still didnt give your answer:)

[7:10:19 am]Brookelynne80:so let me get this straight you just say that girl would love to get naked on a cam and jump up and down for me

[7:11:11 am]PcGuYHousToN:its not that what i was thinking about you

[7:11:15 am]PcGuYHousToN:u look different

[7:11:19 am]PcGuYHousToN:i am feeling super horny

[7:11:21 am]Brookelynne80:how so

[7:11:24 am]PcGuYHousToN:thats why i asked u

[7:11:30 am]PcGuYHousToN:maybe u would like that too

[7:11:35 am]Brookelynne80:what is diffrent about me

[7:11:41 am]Brookelynne80:oh yeah I am Black

[7:11:50 am]Brookelynne80:and I dont sun burn easy

[7:11:51 am]PcGuYHousToN:i felt that u might like to have sex

[7:11:56 am]PcGuYHousToN:ok?

[7:12:02 am]PcGuYHousToN:thats why i send u

[7:12:18 am]Brookelynne80:really what gave you that impression

[7:12:44 am]PcGuYHousToN:your face

[7:12:53 am]Brookelynne80:my face wow how so

[7:13:12 am]PcGuYHousToN:thw ay u look to yourself infront of mirror

[7:13:14 am]PcGuYHousToN:with a cmera

[7:13:22 am]PcGuYHousToN:i felt that u like sex too

[7:13:51 am]Brookelynne80:well a picture is worth a thousand words

[7:14:00 am]Brookelynne80:in m case I guess it was one sentance

[7:14:34 am]Brookelynne80:“If you message her she will cum”

[7:14:37 am]PcGuYHousToN:i didnt wanted to be rude or bad to you

[7:14:41 am]PcGuYHousToN:i just asked

[7:14:47 am]PcGuYHousToN:if u want or no,

[7:14:49 am]Brookelynne80:really and

[7:15:00 am]Brookelynne80:I think you know what a proper southern girl would say

[7:15:02 am]PcGuYHousToN:if u dont want then no problem righ

[7:15:17 am]Brookelynne80:and any normal girl would say

[7:15:20 am]PcGuYHousToN:no i dont know, cos i am not from here originally

[7:15:32 am]Brookelynne80:What the hell you perv

[7:15:39 am]Brookelynne80:I thought he wanted me for my mind

[7:15:47 am]Brookelynne80:but he loves my brain

[7:16:12 am]PcGuYHousToN:your lips are nice

[7:16:16 am]PcGuYHousToN:i would love to kiss them

Brookelynne80:well got the bathroom run some water

[7:17:42 am]Brookelynne80:take a clock radio plug it in

[7:17:49 am]PcGuYHousToN:nevermind

[7:17:53 am]PcGuYHousToN:take care

[7:17:58 am]Brookelynne80:hold it while you sit in the tube

[7:18:15 am]Brookelynne80:and you will be electrified

[7:18:27 am]PcGuYHousToN:i said take care

[7:18:33 am]PcGuYHousToN:means bye

[7:18:49 am]Brookelynne80:thank you for the chat come again