[1:46:49 am]Ostensibly_Me:hi beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

[2:08:06 am]Brookelynne80:hello nurse

[2:08:59 am]Ostensibly_Me:mmmmm touche

[2:09:15 am]Brookelynne80:great get you gear ready

[2:09:24 am]Brookelynne80:so far away

[2:10:16 am]Ostensibly_Me:my gear is ready …

[2:10:31 am]Ostensibly_Me:so very ready, and yours?

[2:11:54 am]Brookelynne80:i think you are little bit hyper

[2:12:27 am]Brookelynne80:stop trying to put your hand in my pants

[2:12:37 am]Brookelynne80:just let me have a name atleast

[2:12:48 am]Ostensibly_Me:james

[2:12:59 am]Brookelynne80:nice jame

[2:13:01 am]Ostensibly_Me:and hyper, yes

[2:13:07 am]Brookelynne80:not put john in your pants

[2:13:11 am]Ostensibly_Me:i love your mask

[2:13:57 am]Brookelynne80:I love RPG games but you dont catch me trying to dress like Yuna and find Tidus

[2:14:47 am]Ostensibly_Me:lol

[2:15:00 am]Ostensibly_Me:i’ll use my imagination there ๐Ÿ˜‰

[2:15:18 am]Brookelynne80:yeah perv on loose

[2:15:21 am]Brookelynne80:call the cops

[2:15:32 am]Brookelynne80:dateline we have contact

[2:15:56 am]Ostensibly_Me:yes yes ive been naughty…

[2:16:11 am]Ostensibly_Me:you don’t fool me though… i can tell you’re wet

[2:16:25 am]Brookelynne80:yeah I just spilled my coke

[2:17:01 am]Brookelynne80:you are a smooth operatore

[2:18:03 am]Ostensibly_Me:and i like the same in a partner…

[2:19:03 am]Brookelynne80:it you refer to the batman and robin type then great

[2:19:20 am]Ostensibly_Me:the smooth type ๐Ÿ˜‰

[2:19:41 am]Ostensibly_Me:those brazilians and such

[2:21:21 am]Brookelynne80:yeah with all that wax so hot

[2:22:10 am]Brookelynne80:well I guess I am doomed to be eye candy

[2:22:15 am]Brookelynne80:the life of Brookelynne

[2:22:17 am]Brookelynne80:Swoon

[2:22:49 am]Ostensibly_Me:๐Ÿ˜€

[2:23:08 am]Brookelynne80:this look like a down hill ride

[2:24:27 am]Ostensibly_Me:my wit degrades as I get closer to cumming

[2:25:01 am]Brookelynne80:well looks like you fell down

[2:25:16 am]Brookelynne80:it did

[2:26:26 am]Ostensibly_Me:lol

[2:26:37 am]Ostensibly_Me:do you have your mask on?

[2:26:50 am]Brookelynne80:yeah and bells

[2:26:56 am]Brookelynne80:so I jingle when I walk

[2:27:51 am]Ostensibly_Me:mmmmm keep going

[2:28:37 am]Brookelynne80:well ill leave you with your hand

[2:29:16 am]Ostensibly_Me:id love you to watch me