[5:36:55 pm]Brookelynne80:yellow

[5:37:00 pm]jvaught333:what’s up?

[5:37:28 pm]Brookelynne80:nothing much

[5:38:05 pm]jvaught333:you first two paragraphs are very interesting

[5:38:10 pm]jvaught333:your**

[5:38:16 pm]Brookelynne80:indeed they should be

[5:38:39 pm]jvaught333:so what exactly are you looking for?

[5:39:21 pm]Brookelynne80:you should read my profile a little more

[5:40:43 pm]jvaught333:I read it

[5:40:49 pm]jvaught333:you don’t say specifically

[5:40:57 pm]Brookelynne80:what do you think I want

[5:41:07 pm]Brookelynne80:rather what are you wanting

[5:41:37 pm]jvaught333:I will take about anything

[5:41:46 pm]jvaught333:friends, fwb, see if a relationship forms….

[5:41:47 pm]Brookelynne80:abuse

[5:42:05 pm]Brookelynne80:do you see the hotness

[5:42:16 pm]jvaught333:your hotness?

[5:42:27 pm]Brookelynne80:yes I just warmed up okc

[5:42:42 pm]jvaught333:yea you are sexy

[5:42:52 pm]Brookelynne80:no friend with benefits here

[5:43:08 pm]jvaught333:ok….what are you lookin for then?

[5:44:11 pm]jvaught333:it almost seems like you want a hookup, but you don’t put that later in the profile

[5:44:38 pm]Brookelynne80:where do you see that

[5:46:12 pm]jvaught333:it isn’t listed, it just a feeling

[5:46:55 pm]Brookelynne80:yeah feeling a little stiff in the pants

[5:47:06 pm]jvaught333:maybe

[5:47:16 pm]Brookelynne80:yes and it comes out to play

[5:47:25 pm]Brookelynne80:just you and you hand tonight

[5:47:41 pm]jvaught333:so you aren’t interested?

[5:48:04 pm]Brookelynne80:dateless in houston huh

[5:48:21 pm]Brookelynne80:clueless in Texas Ding Ding we have a winner

[5:48:26 pm]jvaught333:I have had dates…you just look fun

[5:48:38 pm]Brookelynne80:fun

[5:48:57 pm]Brookelynne80:I know what boy want I know what boy like boy like………..

[5:49:17 pm]jvaught333:are you gonna give me a straight answer or no?

[5:49:38 pm]Brookelynne80:like a rubix cube you gotta play with me for a while

[5:50:04 pm]jvaught333:I definitely want to play with you

[5:50:17 pm]Brookelynne80:tag you are it

[5:50:42 pm]jvaught333:I was thinking more along the lines of full house…..you have to take off an article of clothing 😉

[5:50:55 pm]Brookelynne80:straight flush

[5:51:05 pm]jvaught333:royal flush

[5:51:06 pm]Brookelynne80:i trump you

[5:51:13 pm]Brookelynne80:you said full house

[5:51:23 pm]Brookelynne80:you better get your poker face on

[5:51:26 pm]jvaught333:sorry, forgot to draw lol

[5:51:40 pm]Brookelynne80:this lady made you Gaga

[5:51:48 pm]Brookelynne80:but I dont want a Bad romance

[5:54:59 pm]jvaught333:so you gonna come over?

[5:56:54 pm]Brookelynne80:my name is not red rover

[5:57:02 pm]Brookelynne80:but you can bend over