45/M/Straight86% match / 0% enemy

[2:59:53 pm]concrete_window:can i ask you something personal

[3:00:04 pm]Brookelynne80:what is tha

[3:00:05 pm]Brookelynne80:that

[3:00:15 pm]concrete_window:are you submissive in bed

[3:00:22 pm]Brookelynne80:is there gold on my yellow brickroad

[3:00:57 pm]concrete_window:i would think so

[3:01:00 pm]Brookelynne80:wow no games

[3:01:03 pm]Brookelynne80:really

[3:01:14 pm]concrete_window:yes or no

[3:01:46 pm]Brookelynne80:is that all you want to know not about my insides

[3:01:53 pm]concrete_window:all?

[3:01:56 pm]concrete_window:no

[3:02:30 pm]Brookelynne80:well if you where a serial killer then i might not like that with all the blood spilling out

[3:02:35 pm]Brookelynne80:how about hi hello

[3:02:52 pm]concrete_window:you still haven’t answered

[3:02:55 pm]Brookelynne80:are you a super hero

[3:02:58 pm]Brookelynne80:what do you think

[3:03:03 pm]concrete_window:yes

[3:03:07 pm]concrete_window:obviously

[3:03:16 pm]Brookelynne80:I am how so

[3:04:44 pm]concrete_window:we’re done

[3:04:52 pm]Brookelynne80:thank you come again