20/M/Straight56% match / 19% enemy

[1:40:20 am]BARLW:You look like you give good head

[1:40:33 am]Brookelynne80:thank you

[1:40:40 am]BARLW:Is it true?

[1:40:40 am]Brookelynne80:and where is yours

[1:40:46 am]BARLW:My head?

[1:40:51 am]Brookelynne80:yeah

[1:40:58 am]Brookelynne80:I think it is up in your ass

[1:40:59 am]BARLW:Oh, I didn’t mean head like that

[1:41:05 am]BARLW:I meant like oral sex, y’know

[1:41:14 am]BARLW:You look like you would be good at oral sex

[1:41:50 am]Brookelynne80:really wow

[1:41:58 am]BARLW:? [1:42:04 am]BARLW:Am I mistaken or something? [1:42:10 am]Brookelynne80:yes

[1:42:29 am]BARLW:So you give bad head?

[1:42:58 am]Brookelynne80:yes I ll fuck you head up like a shrink

[1:43:14 am]BARLW:…so you give bad oral sex?

[1:44:26 am]Brookelynne80:I guess like zombies all you guys want brains [1:45:02 am]BARLW:What [1:45:07 am]

BARLW:I think it’s more like

[1:45:16 am]BARLW:Guys are like…what eats cats?

[1:45:25 am]BARLW:Guys are like wolves, all they want is pussy

[1:45:41 am]BARLW:You still haven’t told me your proficiency at oral sex [1:45:48 am]Brookelynne80:yeah and sometime they are

[1:46:00 am]Brookelynne80:what they eat

[1:46:14 am]BARLW:Pussies?

[1:46:23 am]BARLW:I ate burger King today.

[1:46:24 am]Brookelynne80:you guessed

[1:46:31 am]Brookelynne80:you jeopardy champ you

[1:46:32 am]BARLW:It was pretty good but I was very intoxicated also [1:46:39 am]BARLW:Am I a cow man?

[1:46:42 am]BARLW:wait [1:46:54 am]

BARLW:do you suck penis well? This is pretty important

[1:48:23 am]Brookelynne80:important job application important or life altering

[1:48:24 am]Brookelynne80:hum

[1:48:28 am]Brookelynne80:which one

[1:48:36 am]BARLW:uh

[1:48:37 am]BARLW:…

[1:48:41 am]BARLW:Probably life altering

[1:48:49 am]Brookelynne80:you are the weakest ling

[1:48:51 am]BARLW:I don’t think your boss would ask you if you give good head

[1:48:54 am]Brookelynne80:goodbye

[1:48:59 am]BARLW:If he did then he would get sued

[1:49:07 am]BARLW:That is a very old reference!

[1:49:13 am]Brookelynne80:yes

[1:49:16 am]BARLW:I like my chiks old school

[1:49:19 am]BARLW:And in blue masks

[1:49:24 am]Brookelynne80:you need to be put back in periodicals


[1:49:33 am]BARLW:Like a newspaper?

[1:49:41 am]Brookelynne80:yeah

[1:49:45 am]BARLW:why?

[1:50:35 am]Brookelynne80:you seem to be out of date [1:50:43am]BARLW:AW SNAPS

[1:50:52 am]BARLW:That was quite a setup.

[1:51:05 am]BARLW:Though I didn’t do anything out of date, you referenced that old ass game show!

[1:51:19 am]BARLW:How you is gurl?

[1:51:26 am]BARLW:Gul, lemme tell you somethin

[1:51:31 am]BARLW:Can I tell you somethin?

[1:51:49 am]Brookelynne80:what that asshole is two words not one

[1:52:15 am]BARLW:I did not use the phrase ass hole or asshole or whatever

[1:52:22 am]BARLW:You’re very confusing

[1:52:25 am]BARLW:Are you 30?

[1:53:00 am]Brookelynne80:am acting my shoe size not my age

[1:53:12 am]BARLW:What’s your shoe size?

[1:53:29 am]Brookelynne80:it is under 10

[1:53:45 am]BARLW:Just like my penis size!

[1:53:57 am]BARLW:As long as you are age wise over ten [1:54:00am]Brookelynne80:and your IQ

[1:54:01 am]BARLW:Er, 18 I mean

[1:54:08 am]BARLW:IQ would have been funnier

[1:54:12 am]BARLW:I should have said IQ

[1:54:18 am]Brookelynne80:datle line here you cum

[1:54:20 am]BARLW:You seem like a sassy lass

[1:54:25 am]BARLW:My secret!

[1:54:31 am]BARLW:Are you super sassy?

[1:54:41 am]BARLW:You seem sassy as fuck

[1:54:52 am]Brookelynne80:is that all you got

[1:55:06 am]Brookelynne80:wow they broke the mold when they made you [1:55:12 am]BARLW:What, I am asking you a question, you are not answering any of my questions

[1:55:15 am]Brookelynne80:some one needs to throw it away

[1:55:21 am]BARLW:It seems to me like this is like that show Yo Momma

[1:55:26 am]BARLW:That used to be on MTV

[1:55:27 am]Brookelynne80:what does that say

[1:55:34 am]BARLW:Where they would take turns isulting eachother

[1:55:51 am]BARLW:And then all the people in the audience would be like “OOOOOOH” all the time

[1:55:53 am]Brookelynne80:We have a winner

[1:56:03 am]BARLW:But then eventually the competitors would smile at eachother

[1:56:12 am]BARLW:And they would explain how good they are at giivng head

[1:56:14 am]Brookelynne80:or run in fear

[1:56:20 am]BARLW:I think we should get to that part

[1:56:35 am]BARLW:Where you go to school BU?

[1:56:41 am]Brookelynne80:if you want some one to give you their head try sleepy hollow

[1:56:59 am]BARLW:I saw sleepy hollow and did not like it very much

[1:57:10 am]BARLW:I watched that movie a while ago though

[1:57:16 am]BARLW:You have a lot of old references

[1:57:20 am]BARLW:You must be old

[1:57:26 am]BARLW:I should actually click your profile

[1:57:31 am]Brookelynne80:ok MR. Crane

[1:57:39 am]Brookelynne80:yeah you should

[1:57:52 am]BARLW:Oh so you’re into doggy style?

[1:58:06 am]BARLW:That’s the first thing I saw and probably ultimately the most interesting

[1:58:13 am]Brookelynne80:your dog needs to be in the pound

[1:58:16 am]Brookelynne80:puppy

[1:58:30 am]BARLW:You play super mario bros?

[1:58:38 am]Brookelynne80:he has a one up

[1:58:44 am]Brookelynne80:give the man a star

[1:58:48 am]BARLW:Have you ever beat the original one?

[1:58:51 am]BARLW:That game was hard as shit

[1:59:29 am]Brookelynne80:it is for those who dont have opposable thumbs

[1:59:31 am]Brookelynne80:lol

[1:59:40 am]BARLW:oh hey youryou should message me totally refers to what’s going down

[1:59:50 am]BARLW:Clearly I must be FUCKING PERFECT for you

[1:59:57 am]BARLW:Don’t I just seem fucking perfect?

[2:00:35 am]Brookelynne80:pefectly fucked

[2:00:38 am]Brookelynne80:is what you are

[2:00:51 am]BARLW:Perfectly fucked is what you’ll be when I get through with you gurrrrl

[2:01:04 am]BARLW:hOW BOUT IT?

[2:01:08 am]BARLW:Caps lock, mah bad

[2:01:14 am]Brookelynne80:yeah only a cult could do that much damage to a girl

[2:01:26 am]BARLW:wat

[2:01:33 am]BARLW:So am I gonna get to, like, bang you?

[2:01:41 am]BARLW:I’d take you in dates and shit first if I HAVE to

[2:01:53 am]BARLW:I’d rather just skip that though

[2:02:10 am]Brookelynne80:skip it [2:02:18 am]Brookelynne80:nice a toy but not me

[2:02:19 am]BARLW:Kk, so we can just bang then?

[2:03:02 am]BARLW:Are you secretly fat and hiding it with angled pictures and shit?

[2:03:09 am]Brookelynne80:bang bang your dead

[2:03:14 am]Brookelynne80:and then a flateline

[2:03:14 am]BARLW:Cause if that’s the case I’d rather not

[2:03:21 am]BARLW:Are you fat?

[2:03:31 am]Brookelynne80:are you dumb

[2:03:37 am]BARLW:Vaguely

[2:03:41 am]BARLW:Are you fat?

[2:03:47 am]Brookelynne80:are you an asshole

[2:03:58 am]BARLW:What, I answered your question, your turn to answer mine

[2:04:11 am]Brookelynne80:what do you think

[2:04:18 am]Brookelynne80:master of the universe

[2:04:24 am]BARLW:Does this mean you are fat and don’t want to say because you dont want to lose me?

[2:04:26 am]Brookelynne80:he is not a man

[2:04:30 am]Brookelynne80:just a joke

[2:04:43 am]Brookelynne80:I lost you at hello

[2:04:47 am]BARLW:It’ll be ok, you’ll never get me if you’re actually a fattie

[2:04:54 am]BARLW:But if you’re, like, mad hot

[2:04:56 am]Brookelynne80:wait there was never a hello

[2:05:00 am]BARLW:I’d give you a shot and shit

[2:05:02 am]BARLW:Yea did

[2:05:04 am]BARLW:dude

[2:05:08 am]BARLW:I just dived into that shit


[2:05:23 am]Brookelynne80:yeah

[2:05:27 am]BARLW:You still didn’t even answer the first question!

[2:05:29 am]Brookelynne80:if that was for play

[2:05:36 am]BARLW:You look like you give good head do you give good head?

[2:05:40 am]Brookelynne80:I would hate to have a full on verbal fuck

[2:05:55 am]BARLW:No need for that, we’ll have a full on in person fuck

[2:06:00 am]Brookelynne80:ill loke you up a zombie for brains

[2:06:02 am]BARLW:Unless you’re fat, of course.

[2:06:04 am]BARLW:Wait

[2:06:11 am]BARLW:Can you answer my question plz?

[2:07:51 am]Brookelynne80:what do you think

[2:07:54 am]Brookelynne80:do you think at all

[2:08:01 am]BARLW:I try not to

[2:08:11 am]BARLW:I think you haven’t answered a single question directly [2:08:18 am]Brookelynne80:you think

[2:08:21 am]BARLW:I think you would find it to be a refreshing change of pace to try

[2:08:21 am]Brookelynne80:well you dont

[2:08:29 am]Brookelynne80:not

[2:08:30 am]BARLW:So answer me with a yes or no

[2:08:36 am]Brookelynne80:go [2:08:36 am]BARLW:You give good head?

[2:08:39 am]Brookelynne80:whoa

[2:08:43 am]Brookelynne80:you are slow

[2:08:53 am]BARLW:You give good head?

[2:09:33 am]Brookelynne80:I have a good head on my shoulders

[2:09:44 am]Brookelynne80:do you give good head

[2:09:57 am]BARLW:ug, you are no fun

[2:10:03 am]Brookelynne80:are you trying to get a head

[2:10:14 am]Brookelynne80:you are a headless horse man are you not

[2:10:15 am]BARLW:I’m trying to get a good answer

[2:10:21 am]Brookelynne80:think

[2:10:29 am]Brookelynne80:take 30 secounds

[2:10:42 am]BARLW:Will you give me oral sex so that I can know the answer to this question?

[2:11:35 am]Brookelynne80:will you hand you ass over willingly

[2:11:48 am]BARLW:As long as you’re not fat I will

[2:11:59 am]BARLW:Oh gawsh, you’re three miles away

[2:12:07 am]BARLW:You live in houston?

[2:12:08 am]Brookelynne80:well that means your bi or gay if you are giving your ass away right

[2:12:21 am]BARLW:I didn’t mean my literal ass

[2:12:26 am]BARLW:Why are you up this late?

[2:12:42 am]Brookelynne80:this is when you ask are you smarter then a 1st grader

[2:12:49 am]BARLW:I’m about to log off so can you at least give me one straight answer?

[2:13:28 am]Brookelynne80:hell no I wont go

[2:13:34 am]BARLW:Err, ok

[2:13:36 am]BARLW:Goodnight