Broken down horse

Men break horses they also break hearts.  the spirit that can’t yield wont be tamed so when your broken who is gonna fix you whats it going to matter

who picks you

if men break horses why can’t he break me, i have been waiting here

patiently men break horses like hearts and fall by way sides and fall apart

so if men break horse why do the break hearts do they break promises and proceed to move do they break words as do men break horse when they are wild and free men break  horses

i wont let them break me no saddle or bridles ill wear to bite my tongue i wont be that one

who waits in stalls for a love to ride on weary nights nor will i be the one thorobreed in a race for bets and maids with rice

men break horses break hearts like glass they keep no memory of the one they road last

will they break me in i would say cast me asides when you  are done

for i am not a horse women instead for a horse is broken but this woman will roam free instead

not your property or conquest to brag on to boast to hold me on wedding toast

men break hearts horse too women are the same lets tell the truth

we can mold you and fix

pick apart slice with words that cut hard at the heart

bring you down to knees though you wont leave with regret, lead and let you follow break your heart with no respect

keep you in bondage promise you the world say sweet words and look like daddy’s little girl so pure and untainted yet be vengeful and dedicated

to the the art of breaking a man we can hold your heart and crush it in our hands

women break horse just like men but lovers do it just the same when you are called friend……………………………..