25/M/StraightCleveland, Ohio


[10:30:43 am]Brookelynne80:hey clicky

[10:30:56 am]newgrad11:hi there

[10:31:15 am]Brookelynne80:how are you

[10:31:38 am]newgrad11:i’m good, in bed right now

[10:31:44 am]Brookelynne80:get up

[10:31:48 am]Brookelynne80:its late

[10:31:49 am]Brookelynne80:haha

[10:32:11 am]newgrad11:nope, its saturday so i don’t get out of bed till noon

[10:32:15 am]newgrad11:haha

[10:32:34 am]Brookelynne80:stop hitting the snooze

[10:33:02 am]newgrad11:whats your name?

[10:33:11 am]Brookelynne80:Bookelynne

[10:33:22 am]newgrad11:I’m Harry

[10:33:36 am]Brookelynne80:yes too bad mine is not sally

[10:33:54 am]newgrad11:haha

[10:34:12 am]Brookelynne80:we can have a great coffee shop time

[10:35:33 am]newgrad11:is that a reference to harry met sally

[10:35:44 am]newgrad11:my computer is going slow

[10:35:56 am]Brookelynne80:yes it is

[10:36:00 am]Brookelynne80:oh dont worry

[10:36:18 am]newgrad11:right where she orgasms in the coffee shop

[10:36:23 am]Brookelynne80:yes

[10:36:33 am]Brookelynne80:please dont touch me while i do that

[10:36:34 am]Brookelynne80:haha

[10:36:43 am]Brookelynne80:you will ruin the moment

[10:36:54 am]newgrad11:haha

[10:37:17 am]newgrad11:so what do you do?

[10:38:03 am]Brookelynne80:i am an artist

[10:38:15 am]Brookelynne80:but i work for my rents at a tutorial center

[10:38:26 am]newgrad11:writing?

[10:38:31 am]Brookelynne80:nope

[10:38:33 am]Brookelynne80:haha

[10:38:35 am]Brookelynne80:painter

[10:38:37 am]Brookelynne80:i write too

[10:38:47 am]Brookelynne80:but its kinda a side thing i do for fun

[10:39:21 am]newgrad11:what type of art?

[10:39:37 am]Brookelynne80:abstract oils

[10:39:49 am]newgrad11:have you ever been with a white guy?

[10:40:00 am]Brookelynne80:do you read my journals

[10:40:03 am]Brookelynne80:god

[10:40:19 am]Brookelynne80:why would you ask that

[10:41:36 am]newgrad11:Just wondering what your dating preference is

[10:41:50 am]Brookelynne80:i prefer a man

[10:41:58 am]Brookelynne80:unless your switch hitting

[10:42:10 am]Brookelynne80:your going to do a change up or something

[10:42:23 am]newgrad11:what?

[10:42:43 am]Brookelynne80:that means are you bi

[10:42:45 am]Brookelynne80:or gay

[10:42:46 am]Brookelynne80:joke

[10:42:49 am]Brookelynne80:switch hitting

[10:42:54 am]Brookelynne80:pun intended

[10:43:32 am]newgrad11:oh, no i’m straight

[10:44:06 am]Brookelynne80:let me keep the fingers crossed

[10:46:18 am]newgrad11:hate this chat thing, its unreliable

[10:46:46 am]Brookelynne80:why is that

[10:47:09 am]newgrad11:i try to get messages out sometimes it doesn’t transmit

[10:47:42 am]newgrad11:you want to hook up Brookelynee?

[10:49:55 am]Brookelynne80:hook up

[10:49:59 am]Brookelynne80:what is that

[10:50:10 am]Brookelynne80:some hookers are up

[10:51:48 am]newgrad11:meet up, get to know each other, if we’re comfortable take off all our clothes jump in my bed and have some fun

[10:53:59 am]Brookelynne80:your undateable

[10:54:08 am]Brookelynne80:did you just say take my clothes off for you

[10:54:09 am]Brookelynne80:haha

[10:54:11 am]Brookelynne80:please

[10:54:26 am]Brookelynne80:your on the wall of shame too buddy

i’m not sure what that means but ok

[10:57:49 am]Brookelynne80:thats why your undatable

[10:58:01 am]Brookelynne80:why would you even ask that

[10:58:38 am]newgrad11:it seemed like a good idea

[10:58:45 am]Brookelynne80:not

[11:00:09 am]newgrad11:you’ve done it for plenty of guys

[11:00:14 am]newgrad11:what’s wrong with it?

[11:00:28 am]Brookelynne80:who me

[11:00:30 am]Brookelynne80:your mistaken

[11:00:32 am]Brookelynne80:haha

[11:00:37 am]Brookelynne80:you have go the wrong gal


Just a little back story from his profile

My ideal woman is educated, intelligent, easy going, fun and attractive. She needs to be comfortable dealing with a mature man with mature needs. She needs to be mature herself.
You need to have the goal of meeting a man for the purpose of forming a relationship. Obviously there needs to be chemistry, and I’m not expecting sex on the first date. But you need to be comfortable with the idea of intimacy, with your body, and with me.