futile steps taken

life is retrospect

in fast forward and rewind

i take solace in the fact that time is swift

moving moments like speeding freight trains

locamotive and movements motions

i mentioned time is fast as runner in races

i want to win

i cant win

my movements are constricted

still as stone pertrified

Medusa gaze of regret has me

reflections are all that I have

shall i become a pillar of salt

Lots wife

what remains of me is never whole

half remainder i am that improper fraction

fiction is what i hold on to

that non factor exits

where is my eden

i cant go

it wont let me

that Medusa gaze has got me

lost in memories

torn with regret

no resolve

no absolution

my deed are not dubious

deceit is not an option

truth its steel tongue

double edge that cuts deep

but clean surrender

admit defeat

love is stronger then pride

no its not pride you win i swallow

i go on with out you

Medusa gaze got me

rock hard heavy it’s this heart

slay my gorgon

she has me

Medusa gaze

enchanted by the coldness of her stone walls

hallow heart shallow breath take me

my reflecting is refracting light

illuminating me

I am the gorgon