You into white guys at all? I have never been with a black girl before but would like to try!!Message from smithmike79

I asked if you like white guys?

(4:30:05 pm)Brookelynne80:never ever message a that again

(4:30:21 pm)smithmike79:erm.. Cant remember what I said

(4:30:36 pm)Brookelynne80:well look in the mail you sent me

(4:30:41 pm)Brookelynne80:as a word of caution

(4:30:51 pm)Brookelynne80:never mention race

(4:30:54 pm)smithmike79:I asked if you like white guys?

(4:31:00 pm)Brookelynne80:that is a real turn off

(4:31:04 pm)Brookelynne80:not just that

(4:31:08 pm)Brookelynne80:and does it matter

(4:31:18 pm)smithmike79:ok..

(4:31:32 pm)Brookelynne80:your 32

(4:31:35 pm)Brookelynne80:come on man

(4:31:38 pm)smithmike79:and?

(4:31:45 pm)Brookelynne80:and its worng

(4:31:48 pm)Brookelynne80:wrong

(4:31:49 pm)smithmike79:why?

(4:31:56 pm)Brookelynne80:women are all the same

(4:32:00 pm)Brookelynne80:no diffrence in color

(4:32:02 pm)Brookelynne80:at all

(4:32:14 pm)smithmike79:because society programmed you that way

(4:32:32 pm)Brookelynne80:to see as equal to all other women

(4:32:39 pm)Brookelynne80:i should hope so

(4:32:40 pm)smithmike79:I do

(4:32:58 pm)Brookelynne80:so grow and learn

(4:33:03 pm)Brookelynne80:understand

(4:33:07 pm)smithmike79:about what now?

(4:33:09 pm)smithmike79:race?

(4:33:27 pm)Brookelynne80:anything and everything

(4:33:33 pm)smithmike79:what would you have said if you did not like white guys?

(4:33:34 pm)Brookelynne80:people places things

(4:33:50 pm)Brookelynne80:i cant answer that

(4:33:57 pm)Brookelynne80:equal oppertunity dater

(4:34:04 pm)smithmike79:Not everyone is though my dear

(4:34:10 pm)Brookelynne80:the blinders are not on my face

(4:34:15 pm)smithmike79:so take another black woman for instance

(4:34:21 pm)Brookelynne80:that why you intro yourself

(4:34:26 pm)Brookelynne80:no

(4:34:29 pm)Brookelynne80:you say color

(4:34:36 pm)smithmike79:you have too

(4:34:42 pm)Brookelynne80:women may not like you in general

(4:34:45 pm)Brookelynne80:no you dont

(4:34:52 pm)Brookelynne80:so that means blondes may not like you

(4:34:54 pm)Brookelynne80:or red heads

(4:34:56 pm)Brookelynne80:please

(4:35:01 pm)Brookelynne80:its a toss of the dice

(4:35:04 pm)smithmike79:im confused here?

(4:35:13 pm)Brookelynne80:yes i see that

(4:35:19 pm)Brookelynne80:women are women

(4:35:23 pm)Brookelynne80:just see that

(4:35:28 pm)smithmike79:how would you describe the difference between me and you?

(4:35:41 pm)Brookelynne80:you have a penis

(4:35:46 pm)Brookelynne80:i have a cooter

(4:35:50 pm)Brookelynne80:enough said

(4:36:05 pm)smithmike79:2 men are walking.. one black one white.

(4:36:11 pm)smithmike79:wearing the exact same thing

(4:36:29 pm)smithmike79: girl says.. Oh that guy is handsome

(4:36:38 pm)smithmike79:other girl says which one?

(4:36:38 pm)Brookelynne80:you making excuses

(4:36:51 pm)smithmike79:No excuses. Just curious

(4:36:59 pm)Brookelynne80:one could be tall one could be short

(4:37:07 pm)Brookelynne80:who knows

(4:37:07 pm)smithmike79:exact height and weigh

(4:37:10 pm)Brookelynne80:you see color

(4:37:16 pm)Brookelynne80:get out of that

(4:37:29 pm)smithmike79:oh lord

(4:37:33 pm)smithmike79:this is helpless

(4:37:41 pm)Brookelynne80:no that message you sent me was

(4:37:46 pm)Brookelynne80:i just had to let you know

(4:37:52 pm)smithmike79:now are you going to tell me your African American?

(4:37:56 pm)Brookelynne80:not kosjer

(4:38:06 pm)smithmike79:Kosjer American?

(4:38:12 pm)Brookelynne80:I am what i am

(4:38:16 pm)Brookelynne80:Brooke

(4:38:21 pm)smithmike79:mike

(4:38:37 pm)smithmike79:what race are you brooke??

(4:38:50 pm)Brookelynne80:why

(4:38:53 pm)Brookelynne80:does it matter

(4:38:56 pm)smithmike79:curious?

(4:38:59 pm)smithmike79:yes.

(4:39:00 pm)Brookelynne80:look at me

(4:39:05 pm)Brookelynne80:why does race matter

(4:39:09 pm)smithmike79:I don’t see color

(4:39:17 pm)Brookelynne80:then why ask

(4:39:22 pm)Brookelynne80:you stuck

(4:39:28 pm)Brookelynne80:come on here is spoon dig yourself out

(4:39:28 pm)smithmike79:Not yet

(4:39:59 pm)smithmike79:you go to school and fill out paperwork

(4:40:10 pm)smithmike79:paperwork says : state your race

(4:40:11 pm)Brookelynne80:and what does that matter

(4:40:21 pm)Brookelynne80:human race

(4:40:23 pm)Brookelynne80:we all want to win

(4:40:25 pm)Brookelynne80:dont we

(4:40:39 pm)smithmike79:good lord, it does not give human as a choice

(4:40:42 pm)Brookelynne80:why are you so concerned about my race

(4:40:46 pm)smithmike79:lol

(4:40:55 pm)Brookelynne80:have you checked the other box

(4:40:56 pm)Brookelynne80:haha

(4:40:57 pm)smithmike79:I’m not concerned at all – you mailed me

(4:41:00 pm)Brookelynne80:then you can fill it in

(4:41:08 pm)smithmike79:there is no other box

(4:41:17 pm)Brookelynne80:yes their is

(4:41:26 pm)Brookelynne80:i think you should look around

(4:41:30 pm)smithmike79:at?

(4:41:32 pm)Brookelynne80:its not just black and white

(4:41:38 pm)smithmike79:asain?

(4:41:46 pm)smithmike79:pacific islander

(4:41:53 pm)Brookelynne80:yes but why are you concerned about my race

(4:41:58 pm)Brookelynne80:what about me

(4:42:02 pm)Brookelynne80:my words

(4:42:04 pm)Brookelynne80:who i am

(4:42:04 pm)smithmike79:concerned?

(4:42:12 pm)smithmike79:I am not concerned

(4:42:14 pm)Brookelynne80:we are all indiduals

(4:42:17 pm)smithmike79:yes

(4:42:19 pm)Brookelynne80:you sent me a message

(4:42:21 pm)Brookelynne80:so then

(4:42:25 pm)smithmike79:but we all are a specific race

(4:42:28 pm)Brookelynne80:race does nor matter

(4:42:33 pm)Brookelynne80:no we are not

(4:42:33 pm)smithmike79:of individuals

(4:42:41 pm)Brookelynne80:mingled and mashed together

(4:42:46 pm)Brookelynne80:america is a melting pot

(4:42:48 pm)Brookelynne80:is it not

(4:42:54 pm)smithmike79:birth certificate: me father+ you mother=?

(4:43:11 pm)smithmike79:human.. I get it

(4:43:12 pm)Brookelynne80:who ever you are

(4:43:28 pm)smithmike79:my grandfather is black

(4:43:37 pm)Brookelynne80:ok

(4:43:37 pm)smithmike79:or so called human

(4:43:55 pm)Brookelynne80:yes so called human

(4:43:58 pm)Brookelynne80:what is sub human

(4:44:11 pm)smithmike79:we will find out in the next lifetime

(4:44:32 pm)smithmike79:do you believe in God?

(4:44:34 pm)Brookelynne80:lets find out this one

(4:44:48 pm)Brookelynne80:so what are you if your grandfather is black

(4:44:54 pm)Brookelynne80:and yes i do

(4:45:03 pm)smithmike79:A mut = me!

(4:45:06 pm)smithmike79:lol

(4:45:15 pm)Brookelynne80:so i pose to you again

(4:45:18 pm)Brookelynne80:what race are you

(4:45:22 pm)Brookelynne80:like you grilled me

(4:45:30 pm)Brookelynne80:what do you identify with

(4:45:41 pm)smithmike79:where I was born

(4:45:54 pm)smithmike79:I suppose?

(4:46:07 pm)Brookelynne80:do tell

(4:46:16 pm)smithmike79:Do you know anyone that considers themselves African American?

(4:46:25 pm)Brookelynne80:yes i do

(4:46:29 pm)Brookelynne80:what are you

(4:46:34 pm)Brookelynne80:your getting off topic

(4:46:37 pm)smithmike79:Are they from Africa?

(4:46:45 pm)smithmike79:yes I know- I’m curious though

(4:46:49 pm)Brookelynne80:yes they have ancestors from africa

(4:47:03 pm)smithmike79:NO).. not ancestors THEY themselves

(4:47:04 pm)Brookelynne80:and so your race please dont deflect

(4:47:15 pm)Brookelynne80:yes i know some

(4:47:22 pm)Brookelynne80:they are from africa

(4:47:26 pm)Brookelynne80:and came here

(4:47:33 pm)Brookelynne80:but what are you

(4:47:45 pm)smithmike79:American. Born directly in this country

(4:47:56 pm)Brookelynne80:so your american

(4:47:56 pm)smithmike79:even though ancestors are from different countries

(4:48:02 pm)Brookelynne80:then why cant i be american to

(4:48:08 pm)smithmike79:You are!

(4:48:14 pm)Brookelynne80:thats my race

(4:48:32 pm)Brookelynne80:so then why not look at me as you would look at any other female

(4:48:39 pm)smithmike79:I do

(4:48:41 pm)Brookelynne80:same arms legs body

(4:48:46 pm)Brookelynne80:you said black

(4:48:49 pm)Brookelynne80:thats a color

(4:48:53 pm)smithmike79:skin tone?

(4:49:02 pm)Brookelynne80:do i look like crayon to you

(4:49:05 pm)Brookelynne80:i would be brown

(4:49:11 pm)Brookelynne80:not black

(4:49:21 pm)Brookelynne80:unless your color blind that still does not work

(4:49:25 pm)smithmike79😕

(4:49:25 pm)smithmike79:yes.. Indeed, not sure where black actually came from

(4:49:35 pm)Brookelynne80:so dont use it

(4:50:18 pm)Brookelynne80:Nov 14, 2011 12:51pmYou into white guys at all? I have never been with a black girl before but would like to try!!

(4:50:22 pm)Brookelynne80:yor message

(4:50:27 pm)Brookelynne80:your*

(4:51:47 pm)Brookelynne80:speechless