Caught between a rock and a hard place……… Ok, so how do I get out of it or do I even what too?????????  What do I do?  Where do i go?   When the going gets tough do the tough really get going???????  Where do they go??????? No, really I want to know….  Right now I  feel like Jello little wobbly and I have spotted Bill Cosby.   He has a pudding cup ,but i am not taking it.  I think its a metaphor “Food for thought”.   Why not he was a helpful father on an 80’s show…  So I grab my spoon and dig in maybe that’s what he is trying to say take a bite out of love unless your a zombie.  That can go really bad.   a vampire perhaps minus the plasma cravings.  I don’t like Edward what a pussy.  Who the hell let vampires shine like diamonds.  His special ability is to pick off where Angel left off.  For the younger generation see Buffy. So while enjoying my cup of pudding I looked at the consistency and I can see its thick, creamy and chilled.  Then it spoke to me….. Oh my god the way of pudding one must settle for a little while you know to make pudding from the box.   You have to do all these steps.  No, its not like washing your hair were you wash rinse and repeat then style as desired.  You have to let your heart set for a little while once its been boiled and poured in to a mold.  If you pull it out before its time its still warm not the right consistency.  Still need time to “Chill”  so to speak this goes out to all the broken hearted guys and gals.  You need that chill time after your heart has been put into a blender and he or she pushed liquify.  You feel like you have been on a turn table from hell. Not spun right right round.  It hurts to breath.  Everything reminds you of them.  So chill let the pain go away and just remember that great saying “I can do bad all by myself”.  Shit he or she just made it worse….  Maybe they were a cheater. Thank your stars you don’t have an STD.  Maybe they were not the one for you.  Be happy that you don’t have a child by them and you don’t have to pay alimony for ten year.   You have  extra money..  Maybe he or she was a liar.  Then be thankful that you did not see him on Americas Most wanted.  If you do make sure they offer a reward.  You can cash in.  Cha Ching.  So in the way of pudding or Jello just mellow out.  But who says you couldn’t have extra puddin.  In the long run would like instant love its like coffee freeze dried its a quick fix with fast results but it will leave you empty ready for that inevitable crash.