[4:46:11 pm]robertmg:hey ur a sexy gal

[4:46:21 pm]Brookelynne80:yeah

[4:46:41 pm]Brookelynne80:I can be your fantansy not ludacris

[4:46:46 pm]Brookelynne80:but I get the job donw

[4:47:20 pm]robertmg:r u sure

[4:47:26 pm]robertmg:u like white guys

[4:47:26 pm]Brookelynne80:done

[4:47:34 pm]Brookelynne80:guys are guys right

[4:47:51 pm]Brookelynne80:unless you have both sex organs

[4:49:00 pm]robertmg:lol

[4:49:06 pm]robertmg:i do have a big ass dick

[4:49:32 pm]Brookelynne80:is that all you have I know a lot of dick

[4:49:36 pm]Brookelynne80:fairly common name

[4:50:03 pm]robertmg:lol

[4:50:10 pm]robertmg:are u tight

[4:50:12 pm]robertmg:do u like anal

[4:50:33 pm]Brookelynne80:oh a prostate exam have you had one of those before

[4:50:59 pm]Brookelynne80:it can be a tight squeeze

[4:51:04 pm]Brookelynne80:so you have to lube up

[4:51:57 pm]Brookelynne80:like getting you pipes cleaned