[12:22:31 pm]ILoveNothing:i think you have nice breasts

[12:24:32 pm]ILoveNothing:you wish they were bigger?

[12:25:40 pm]ILoveNothing:well, i would need to take a closer look

[12:25:47 pm]ILoveNothing:buso far i like them as they are

[12:26:59 pm]ILoveNothing:yup

[12:27:39 pm]ILoveNothing:i have been told

[12:28:01 pm]ILoveNothing:fall in love with me already

[12:28:25 pm]Brookelynne80:if I was a stipper and and looking for a pimp

[12:28:50 pm]Brookelynne80:or an STD looking for a new home

[12:29:14 pm]ILoveNothing:sweet. I would like to try that lifestyle

[12:30:13 pm]ILoveNothing:do you believe i engage in risky sexual situations?

[12:30:26 pm]Brookelynne80:I have no idea you tell me

[12:30:28 pm]Brookelynne80:would you

[12:30:37 pm]Brookelynne80:could you

[12:30:42 pm]Brookelynne80:I bet you have

[12:30:57 pm]Brookelynne80:Vagas about 5 years ago yeah got that memo

[12:31:14 pm]Brookelynne80:not everything that you do stays in Vagas

[12:31:23 pm]ILoveNothing:haha

[12:31:33 pm]ILoveNothing:i am quite the e-whore i will admit

[12:31:45 pm]Brookelynne80:what gave it away

[12:32:03 pm]ILoveNothing:you tell me

[12:32:14 pm]Brookelynne80:you will hit on anything with a pretty pixel image

[12:32:44 pm]ILoveNothing:maybe

[12:33:04 pm]ILoveNothing:is not that the point of this website, tough?

[12:34:12 pm]Brookelynne80:to get laid yes

[12:34:20 pm]Brookelynne80:if that s all you want then

[12:34:23 pm]Brookelynne80:tell the girls sex

[12:34:58 pm]ILoveNothing:should i assume you are looking for something more serious?

[12:35:17 pm]Brookelynne80:you should asume nothing that makes you and ass

[12:35:33 pm]ILoveNothing:i know

[12:35:43 pm]ILoveNothing:so, you tell me. What are you looking for?

[12:35:52 pm]Brookelynne80:how about just a little more tact though thank

[12:36:33 pm]ILoveNothing:i started this conversation commenting on your breasts. I thought that cleared up that i have problems with being tactful

[12:36:38 pm]ILoveNothing:still, i try my best

[12:36:48 pm]Brookelynne80:I am looking for the lady of the lake to give me excalibur and go on a quest for the holy grail

[12:37:06 pm]Brookelynne80:and then find carmen San Deigo

[12:37:30 pm]ILoveNothing:wowo, a Carmen SanDiego reference

[12:37:33 pm]ILoveNothing:you are such a dork

[12:37:57 pm]Brookelynne80:yes I am

[12:38:11 pm]ILoveNothing:i like that

[12:38:16 pm]Brookelynne80:geek and so bad very bad

[12:38:18 pm]Brookelynne80:lol

[12:38:36 pm]ILoveNothing:everybody claims to be a heek these days

[12:38:37 pm]Brookelynne80:yes I was in the cononer constanly as a child

[12:38:51 pm]ILoveNothing:geek*

[12:39:02 pm]Brookelynne80:yes I got that

[12:39:28 pm]ILoveNothing:few actually are

[12:39:47 pm]Brookelynne80:so speak

[12:39:50 pm]Brookelynne80:I love nothing

[12:39:53 pm]Brookelynne80:can I get a name

[12:40:14 pm]ILoveNothing:i prefer to be called “darling”

[12:40:22 pm]ILoveNothing:but if you must, you can call me Adrian

[12:40:29 pm]Brookelynne80:yo Adrian

[12:40:32 pm]Brookelynne80:call me rocky

[12:40:51 pm]ILoveNothing:what kind of name is rocky

[12:40:55 pm]Brookelynne80:eye of the tiger

[12:41:11 pm]ILoveNothing:i think i will call you apollo then

[12:41:24 pm]Brookelynne80:dont you die in number 4

[12:42:02 pm]ILoveNothing:number 4 is a shit. So i take it it is out of official fan continuity

[12:42:54 pm]Brookelynne80:I love the when he tells rocky I will break you

[12:43:04 pm]Brookelynne80:and look at red sonja with blond hair

[12:43:06 pm]Brookelynne80:nice change

[12:43:08 pm]Brookelynne80:bridget

[12:43:25 pm]ILoveNothing:even the music is shit

[12:43:35 pm]ILoveNothing:and i like 80´s shitty music

[12:43:57 pm]Brookelynne80:who does not

[12:44:20 pm]ILoveNothing:are you going to sleep with me or not?

[12:44:24 pm]ILoveNothing:i want your STD’s

[12:44:41 pm]Brookelynne80:I dont want any so ill avaoid you

[12:44:54 pm]Brookelynne80:like the plauge the black one

[12:45:00 pm]Brookelynne80:you know high mortality rate

[12:45:46 pm]ILoveNothing:i am clean

[12:46:17 pm]Brookelynne80:you all say that until the CDC comes in arrests you

[12:46:40 pm]ILoveNothing:you speak from personal experience?

[12:47:26 pm]Brookelynne80:yeah I saw the guy next door

[12:47:57 pm]ILoveNothing:did yuou sleep with him?

[12:48:51 pm]Brookelynne80:no I just watched

[12:49:08 pm]ILoveNothing:so you are a voyeur

[12:49:29 pm]Brookelynne80:no I am a watcher like giles

[12:49:41 pm]ILoveNothing:who is Giles?

[12:49:45 pm]Brookelynne80:from Buffy the vampire slayer I provide intersting facts and do nothing at all

[12:50:23 pm]ILoveNothing:how long have we been talking by now?

[12:50:45 pm]Brookelynne80:forever like the night

[12:50:47 pm]Brookelynne80:the dark one

[12:50:52 pm]Brookelynne80:batman nanananana

[12:51:09 pm]ILoveNothing:are you in love with me already?

[12:52:05 pm]Brookelynne80:not love just wow

[12:52:17 pm]ILoveNothing:wow is a good thing

[12:52:20 pm]Brookelynne80:how can someone be so nuts

[12:52:24 pm]Brookelynne80:peanuts

[12:52:26 pm]Brookelynne80:planters

[12:52:41 pm]ILoveNothing:looks like i am getting some ass tonight

[12:52:48 pm]ILoveNothing:excuse me, AZZ

[12:53:10 pm]Brookelynne80:AZ yet I love that group go 90’s

[12:53:30 pm]ILoveNothing:why are not there any pictures of it?

[12:53:45 pm]ILoveNothing:yu are black, you must have a spectacular azz, you shouls show it

[12:54:33 pm]Brookelynne80:wow

[12:54:43 pm]ILoveNothing:you also should rap and play basketball and make funny faces

[12:54:51 pm]ILoveNothing:offended yet?