awesomedan69 oops he did it again

[9:08:37 pm]Brookelynne80:that I am

[9:11:45 pm]awesomedan69:yes i can see that

[9:12:03 pm]awesomedan69:the pursuit to piss ppl off

[9:12:07 pm]awesomedan69:i like that

[9:13:17 pm]awesomedan69:but of course…..judging by ur profile…..i am thinking with my dick cuz all guys think alike…..right???

[9:13:35 pm]Brookelynne80:no

[9:13:41 pm]Brookelynne80:surprise me

[9:13:49 pm]awesomedan69:lol

[9:13:53 pm]awesomedan69:maybe i will

[9:14:41 pm]awesomedan69:omg u have a regular nintendo???

[9:14:51 pm]Brookelynne80:indeed

[9:15:01 pm]awesomedan69:indeed…..nice

[9:18:07 pm]awesomedan69:ur not like the ghetto black r u???

[9:18:09 pm]awesomedan69:jw

[9:18:29 pm]Brookelynne80:ghetto

[9:18:32 pm]Brookelynne80:black

[9:18:35 pm]Brookelynne80:what do you think

[9:19:10 pm]awesomedan69:i think we shuld play some zelda together….lol

[9:19:29 pm]awesomedan69:i’m just pickin

[9:19:58 pm]Brookelynne80:picking a fight

[9:20:21 pm]awesomedan69:no i think that u r the most interesting person that i have met…..

[9:20:22 pm]Brookelynne80:wow nothing says lovin like a guy calling you ghetto black

[9:20:26 pm]awesomedan69:no not picking a fight

[9:20:44 pm]Brookelynne80:recvery need medic

[9:20:55 pm]Brookelynne80:we have one down

[9:20:58 pm]awesomedan69:i was askin u if u were ghetto

[9:21:01 pm]awesomedan69:lol

[9:21:09 pm]Brookelynne80:what is ghetto

[9:21:21 pm]Brookelynne80:a lot of good things come from the ghetto

[9:21:23 pm]awesomedan69:like dawg and homie

[9:21:33 pm]awesomedan69:just a questio;n

[9:21:43 pm]Brookelynne80:homie only if you are gay

[9:21:59 pm]Brookelynne80:and this homie dont play that

[9:24:07 pm]awesomedan69:lol

[9:24:14 pm]awesomedan69:alrite

[9:24:28 pm]awesomedan69:i wasn’t trying to make u mad???

[9:24:55 pm]Brookelynne80:no never just disappointed

[9:25:12 pm]Brookelynne80:now i see why the girls dont flock like seaguls

[9:25:12 pm]awesomedan69:so y dissapointed???

[9:25:33 pm]awesomedan69:i don’t feel i said anything wrong

[9:25:39 pm]Brookelynne80:well you open mouth insert foot

[9:25:49 pm]Brookelynne80:and sometimes your ass may meet with a foot

[9:26:05 pm]awesomedan69:alrite….ttyl

[9:26:10 pm]awesomedan69:or not

[9:26:25 pm]Brookelynne80:well you wanted the truth guess you cant handle it

[9:26:29 pm]Brookelynne80:damn you jack

[9:27:03 pm]awesomedan69:well u got real defensive when i asked u a simple question

[9:27:22 pm]Brookelynne80:read what you said

[9:27:32 pm]Brookelynne80:coming from a typical white guy

[9:27:54 pm]awesomedan69:i don’t recall saying anything wrong

[9:28:01 pm]awesomedan69:and i apologize if i did

[9:28:02 pm]Brookelynne80:play it back in your head

[9:28:11 pm]Brookelynne80:like me asking so how far is that stick in your ass

[9:28:16 pm]Brookelynne80:do you pull it out

[9:28:18 pm]awesomedan69:and what do u consider a typical white guy

[9:28:39 pm]Brookelynne80:any guy that ask am I ghetto

[9:28:45 pm]Brookelynne80:are you a dick

[9:28:54 pm]Brookelynne80:think before you speak

[9:29:10 pm]awesomedan69:i’m sry u feel that way

[9:29:17 pm]Brookelynne80:if you ask then you will never find out

[9:29:32 pm]awesomedan69:that is y i asked and u got pissed over it

[9:29:43 pm]Brookelynne80:check yourself before you wreck your self

[9:30:01 pm]Brookelynne80:no not at all

[9:30:10 pm]Brookelynne80:just in awwe of a man in motion

[9:30:21 pm]awesomedan69:so y do u cuss at me

[9:30:28 pm]Brookelynne80:I did not cuss you

[9:30:36 pm]awesomedan69:stick in ass

[9:31:02 pm]Brookelynne80:as for that I take the 5th

[9:31:03 pm]Brookelynne80:lol

[9:31:53 pm]awesomedan69:is that what u want

[9:31:59 pm]awesomedan69:someone to just fuck u

[9:32:11 pm]awesomedan69:u need a fuckin attitude adjustment

[9:32:16 pm]Brookelynne80:really

[9:32:20 pm]Brookelynne80:adjust it for me

[9:32:23 pm]awesomedan69:u think cuz ur black ur better than me

[9:32:26 pm]Brookelynne80:pull the rip cord

[9:32:35 pm]Brookelynne80:you think so

[9:32:36 pm]awesomedan69:i can adjust it for u

[9:32:41 pm]Brookelynne80:wow never got that beore

[9:32:52 pm]awesomedan69:well that’s what it seems

[9:33:03 pm]awesomedan69:i give respect when i get it

[9:33:07 pm]Brookelynne80:who put on the whote sheet

[9:33:16 pm]Brookelynne80:white sheet

[9:33:21 pm]Brookelynne80:and the pointy hood

[9:33:29 pm]awesomedan69:their u go with another racist thing

[9:33:44 pm]Brookelynne80:no take a look in the mirrior and make that change

[9:33:52 pm]awesomedan69:but damn ur so sexy

[9:33:54 pm]awesomedan69:lol

[9:34:00 pm]awesomedan69:and i love that attitude

[9:34:12 pm]Brookelynne80:bipolar anyone

[9:34:35 pm]awesomedan69:not at all

[9:34:46 pm]awesomedan69:finally i talk to a woman who speaks her mind

[9:34:53 pm]awesomedan69:passed my test

[9:35:02 pm]Brookelynne80:well stopgoing all hot and cold

[9:35:15 pm]awesomedan69:that was the point

[9:35:19 pm]Brookelynne80:yeah test I got a number 2

[9:35:34 pm]awesomedan69:???

[9:35:41 pm]Brookelynne80:not to bright are you

[9:35:53 pm]Brookelynne80:let me get you a 75 watt bulb

[9:35:56 pm]Brookelynne80:you seem dim

[9:36:08 pm]awesomedan69:then y r u still talkin to me

[9:36:23 pm]Brookelynne80:for my journal

[9:36:28 pm]Brookelynne80:this is pur gold

[9:36:33 pm]Brookelynne80:texas tea